@askingf59518542 Worth listening to some of the things he is saying. They make sense. Ditto Tulsi Gabbard. I'm not responsible for my brothers values or politics. Thank god. Neither is Bennett.

@Jimijmurphy The majority of Americans CHOOSE to send a great deal savings and pension $ to DC & Wall Street. We have had the power all along to redirect significant portions.

In Lets Go to the Movies this week I review Linda Moulton Howe's documentary 10,000 B.C. Gobekli Tepe and Ancient Stone Circles – E.T. Terraforming? Don't know about GT yet? Archeologist Klaus Schmidt explains:

Great tour today of New Dawn Enterprises in Cape Breton - exciting things happening - maker spaces, incubators and the gathering of talented people create art, music, festivals and businesses

@danalloydthomas @SPC_Bitcoin Yes. This now applies to every word in every language - but only when used in a manner that does not work for Mr. Global and the people Mr. Global drenches with entrainment, subliminal programming and mind control or pays to run related ops and propaganda.

Giants w/ Peter Phillips - I disagree with some conclusions - problem is investors operating transnational organized crime and not subject to law. Big difference between crime + capitalism. Capitalism with sound money differs from fiat with crime.

The Bahamas is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with the queen of the Bahamas (Elizabeth II) as head of state represented locally by a governor-general. Bahamas is the jurisdiction with the most offshore entities or companies -

Working Man by Cape Breton's Rita McNeil - honoring the people who have come before us and worked so hard to build families and a better world for children and communities

My last lunch in Halifax - at Wooden Monkey across the bridge in Dartmouth overlooking the harbour - another beautiful day with my dear friend Fleurette https://t.co/C167z7qoqe

@dslarsen One or more of the great fortunes of the 21st century will fall to the entrepreneurs who master space debris clean up and recycling on an economic basis.

A gorgeous day and lunch today in Peggy's Cove in Halifax. The Atlantic Ocean was a deep blue - so beautiful. Levels appear unchanged. The Atlantic and the Obama's on Martha's Vineyard appear to have not heard about "the crisis."

Use entrainment to get elected, give banks $24 trillion, disappear $7 trillion from DOD and HUD, get book contract for $60 million - buy house for $15 million - CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN https://t.co/W8Ujm9Ew93

@NunnallyRick I have been checking in with infowars for years - sometimes agreeing and sometimes disagreeing. When I see something that I think is useful, I will post.

@ernst_eck Nope, I am not . Concern about water and food safety in any communities has to do with safety of people. We all need to protect the water and food safety for everyone.

@jereveveille For me, each case is individual which only each one of us can decide. If you read the article, it has critical information about why we should approach with extreme caution. The power should reside entirely with a sovereign individual.

@Jkylebass @CalPERS What about when CalPers breached its fiduciary duty to do what the Deep State ordered in the 1990's and the housing bubble that caused major losses in their real estate portfolio. Beware the water you are treading here....

@jasalera IMO, he is dead. By far and away not the most successful anybody operative. Good soldier, expendable. Message to other operatives is don't be sloppy and put the Royals at risk.

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