Andrew Cuomo engineered the housing bubble and the first missing money from HUD. If you believe this guy on coronavirus, you are inviting serious trouble

@SBTVSingapore @nwopuppet @turtleclub420 An all digital system will not be a money or currency system. It is a transactional control system. If I have a dollar, I have an asset. If I have a credit at the company store that can arbitrarily changed or disappeared, that is not an asset. That is a control mechanism.

@kathaleend12 Nope. I want to work for the people who want to decentralize power and nurture a human society. I will not work for the people centralizing control.

@nwopuppet @turtleclub420 Bitcoin is a prototype encouraged to invent the ultimate system. It will be phased out or marginalized when the system is ready to go.

#2 ...happiness of those whom you call friend, engage those among you who are visionary and remove from your life those who offer you depression, despair and disrespect.” ~ Nikki Giovanni

#1 “There is always something to do. There are hungry people to feed, naked people to clothe, sick people to comfort and make well. And while I don’t expect you to save the world I do think it’s not asking too much for you to love those with whom you sleep, share the...

@GoldRoad3 @lvleylcksmith @DinaDianaRN We are many - they are few. Look at history. There is a battle. We have the power to win. So stop supporting them with your vision of hopelessness. Power is not control.

@lvleylcksmith @DinaDianaRN We are humans. Please do not refer to us as sheep. My intention is Gates will fail. The Mark of the Beast will not be made fashionable where there is breath in my body. I hope that is your intention rather than making it sound inevitable. WE DECIDE.

It is Spring - start planting your garden NOW!

Twitter feed video.It is Spring - start planting your garden NOW!
Andrew Rush@andrewrush

Hundreds of cars wait to receive food from the Greater Community Food Bank in Duquesne. Collection begins at noon. @PghFoodBank @PittsburghPG

Another reason to live in Tennessee - many great grounded people!

Twitter feed video.Another reason to live in Tennessee - many great grounded people!
Rex Chapman🏇🏼@RexChapman

This lady is a nurse in Tennessee.

She just left the grocery - it’s chaos - and she’s tired.

“Y’all, there are so many stupid people in this world...”🤣😭💀

@FordDar @James77531208 Economic war - and push to install a new digital control system - requires significant decrease in imports and oil usage and price without creating economic panic. May be biowafare risks as well.

@OutdoorsMc Yup. Just keep listening and learning. Remember, may not be one phenomenon. May be different in different places. No proof that it is ONE BIG THING. The spin is one big thing - that does not mean reality is.

@scritturra Mr. Global is hoping to replace currency systems with a digital control system where individuals can be managed individually - Mark of the Beast - MOTB - think of this is MOB = T for Tech. Cryptos are prototypes. Asset backed with humans.

I have never heard an abduction story that could not be explained by mind control. So I have never understand who was responsible - but the phenomenon is real. David Jacobs explains his take - worth noting given plandemic

The possibilities just keep getting stranger...

Twitter feed video.The possibilities just keep getting stranger...
Uri Geller@TheUriGeller

My dear friends! Please share this video and leave me your messages about what you think I have said in the video above. Am I crazy? Or is there rationality and logic behind what I said. And please don’t use foul language. Sending you all love!

Trump controls the Fed? The notion is laughable. Trump and his family are followed everywhere by the Secret Service. Ask the Kennedy family. Those guns turn inward too. Who decides whether their guns turn out or turn in?

I so enjoy Jay Dyers movie reviews - he rises to new heights for PLANDEMIC fiction - which is more fiction like - the movies or the plandemic spin?

@RyanOlah2 The FBI were surprisingly honorable. The #1 #2s were likely HUD IG. They broke law, falsified data, lied and the DOJ was happy to sling it and steal assets. One lawyers said " My parents left Germany to get away from these people and now they are here. Where do I go?"

@cjohnson0106 @PatDrum718 CJ - in defense of Millenials, it was our job to leave a better world than we found it - a rising Popsicle Index so to speak. Given where Popsicle Index is REALLY - we have done a dreadful job. So I apologize to Millenials + intend to do everything I can to help turn it around.

@MarmaruEk You would be amazed! When the HUD IG and FBI seized my company offices in 1998, they found a way to mash pizza and cigarette butts in the floor AND do #1s and #2 on the rug. Apparently they take dumps in public when they are rampaging people's places.

@cause_glorious @sixxisdesigns @pjwiffen I used to occasionally skim the posts. Stopped about 1 year ago when the site went down. Got a recommendation for best place to track? I don't expect to change my opinion but I am always happy to learn what is being said.

@PaidionTheos @Betancourt1023 Yes. Important to understand as we do that all 100% digital systems can and will be centrally controlled. So the question that I am interested in is how we design out of control pathways that DECENTRALIZE $ and power.

@Lena1luv81 Appreciated. But if DOD can transfer an infinite amount of money out of the back door to private parties thanks to Donald Trump, what do you think that means?

@Betancourt1023 The systems can be hacked, the people can be compromised, and the prices manipulated. It is not truly independent. No digital system can be unless backed up by a army that can protect the people and hardware involved.

@pjwiffen @cause_glorious If Q is correct why has central control and financial theft of local and family resources increased steadily for 3 years? The only thing I have seen is Q believers remain passive while the central control, secrecy and swamp blossom?

@Betancourt1023 All crypto systems are ultimately controlled by the people who control the legal and hardware systems in which they operate. The notion that anything digital can be independent is a mirage.

Actionable intelligence = information that can be verified transparently and will support you in thinking and deciding for yourself. Don't believe me. Believe yourself! YOU CAN understand the financial system. YOU CAN understand the political system. YOU CAN DO THIS!

“You shall no longer take things at second or third hand, not look through the eyes of the dead, nor feed on the spectres in books. You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me, you shall listen to all sides and filter them from yourself.” ― Walt Whitman

@AlanCRichards I have never said the sky is falling. What I did say with FASAB 56 is that the federal government is operating financially on and out of control basis and that puts us in real danger. Events are supporting that contention.

Hey, Patrick. Can you explain what you believe is happening under the auspices of FASAB 56 and what it means to you and your family - including ALL generations?

Twitter feed video.
Patrick Drummond@PatDrum718


Crypto currency IS NOT currency. It is a control system. A currency is a store of value. A digital system that allows value to be changed or extinguished centrally on a 1-by-1 basis is not a currency. There is a difference between a currency and a credit at a plantation store.

The notion that Donald Trump has somehow fixed the Fed is TOTAL BS - will you please educate yourself about FASAB 56, the federal credit and what is happening. I appreciate the facts take more focus than fear porn and hope porn, but your life and freedom are at stake.

Coming up on the Solari Report - The 1st Quarter 2020 Wrap Up - The Real Deal on Going Local. First week - The Final Mile with Patrick W. Wood of Technocracy News @StopTechnocracy https://home.solari.com/1st-quarter-20

@Deter40109796 I try to focus on God's opinion and my opinion of what I say and do. Lots of room for improvement. Try not to worry about the opinions of those who are lost or fooled. Try to pray for them and be useful if I can.

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