@Icecinder The Exposure amount is Future Value, not Present Value - and not Market Value so in that sense it is inflated. In addition, we do not know what % is a position of one ore more sovereign government or related entities. Doubtful Deutsche is principal on most - likely an agent.

@jacobspost1978 Good question. I have been collecting the classics in hard copy - Thomas Aquinas, Plato, Aristotle etc. I will look at collecting - Have you read Economics 101 at Solari? Recommended for home schooling.

Twitter just took my Twitter home page from "I like it" to POS - Bad move Twitter. At least create the functionality so I can get it back to something I want to use. Ugh.

Ristorante Lillotatini - Worlds best lunch on the terrace in Panicale - codfish rolls filled with saffron potatoes and asparagus - one of the most delicious lunches ever - highly recommended! https://t.co/kYmFDitFNt …

Epstein Swamp Operation: Sexual Predators Indicted - 0; People who Prosecuted Epstein and Slowed Down the Operation - 1 Fired from Cabinet Position

PLEASE NOTE: The Epstein Swamp Critter was just used to push out the lead US PENSION FUND REGULATOR who was being pressured to accelerate deregulation at LABOR Department. Do the Neocons want easier access to US pension funds? Or to strip protections from Labor? Or both?

@hatchface1 Why? Why would you want me to go work for the pro-centralization team and be financially dependent on the people who are trying to kill and destroy you? If enough people would switch to support independent media than we would have the production resources too.

@_v_l_ Check out outstanding US debt. They were laundering OUR money into Joes pocket because he laundered OUR money into theirs. This is what happens when you can print and disappear $21 trillion.

Taxpayers and citizens - are you really going to vote for someone who got rich giving your money to corporations and insiders - like making private prison companies rich?



@sirpadgett Likely. Would love to see that statistics. Blockchain can be very energy expensive for crypto - one of the challenge that needs solving for the crypto currencies to be other than a niche market.

@TomPowell7 Way too effective at keeping people out of gold while the central banks are buying. For tiny $ to manipulate, big benefit in precious metals market. And great prototype for central bank crypto - so unlikely to fail any time soon.

@PressToDigitate @TomFitton Nothing is more important than going after the missing trillions EXCEPT stopping the next trillion from being stolen by not financing it. Have to do both.

@DonnaDa28759964 Have to see what happens. Many possibilities. Likely hundreds of control files involved - can be used for political control, maintaining secrecy during election, selective prosecution. Beware the gossip and disinformation on this one. Another major furball.

@CharlesOrtel @JayneKBerry1 @csthetruth Was thanks to Charles that i learned that lead HUD $ CPA was Clinton foundation CPA. Why would Clinton Foundation use a HUD $ specialist?

@MGauding Or will create leverage to get them to quietly resign, stand down or hand over the goodies. Question is are they going after good guys, bad guys or both.

@maneco1964 @pjwiffen @thesiriusreport Yes, of couse - in fact they have been cornering the French wine market for quite a while. Lafite creating a special line for the Chinese - that is news.

Money & Markets Commentary for July 11th is up - Subscribers post your stories and questions. Last week's theme "Furballs and More Furballs" - avoid losing your time + mind - divide and conquer is created to keep you away from the real power lines. https://t.co/CjdxS7v0xt

@rowshay @KarateGrandpa88 @naarderaad @Ainokea88 @DavidKelly2018 @GarleniaDavis_ Agreed. Occasionally, they do cut them. That is when you know things are tense.

@khurth1 In Mississippi they solved the problem by hanging drapes. That way artists and historians can continue to see it. Costs a fraction of the price.

@remibeni Gives credence to the theory that we are the target of an alien invasion or invasion from a fifth dimension. If you are going to be insane enough to paint over a valuable mural, why spend $600,000? Have the kids paint a new mural over it for their art class. Nuts!

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