@remibeni @elizabe60505818 Our property taxes are paying government schools to mind control children and turn them into body parts laboratories - HOME SCHOOL. As schools empty out, demand that property taxes be lowered.

Connect dots to $21T missing money & sweetheart gov. contracts ALSO skimming women as savers, pension fund holders and taxpayers who live in mobile homes. Women can not hold Carlyle or Treasury accountable if they are being thrown out of their homes.

@souperlaurie Not what I said. I believe that there is big money pushing for policies that generate more abortions and is pushing to convert laws so human materials are more easily accessed. Check out transhumanism.

@FightForAmerica Watch it - bottom line presented was $21T of money missing from DOD & HUD was not real cash - despite no evidence. Just assurances from insiders. It is called a MODIFIED HANG OUT. BS - No mention of FASAB 56 taking books dark. Why need FASAB 56 if no cash is disappearing?

@PressToDigitate Best defense is a good offense. Best offense costs your enemy a lot, you nothing. Study asymmetrical warfare and how to invade and take over a population slowly. I grew up in African American neighborhood. They got hit first. Now it is everyone.

@parzival1 Latest LMO. $21 trillion declared non cash on assurances of insiders. No facts. Pressured young comedian and a reporter thrilled for the establishment attention delivering the lie with AOC help . Want to bet this was on the agenda for Pompeo and Lavrov? RT plays ball.

@marcosabait The next thing to happen would be whatever the governance system wants to replace it. The Federal Reserve is an operation within a governance system. Change the Federal Reserve without understanding and making governance system transparent, and you will change exactly nothing.

@KandidlyKate You think teaching children in grade school to practice pedophilia is a good idea? You might want to apply for a job at the CIA - you have a great future in Hotel Auchwitz.

Robert David Steele is AGAIN saying I said the Fed is bankrupt. Big lie. Last time he did, I corrected him. How can a bank be bankrupt when its liabilities are denominated in a currency it creates? 3 possibilities - Steele is disinfo, incompetent or very stupid. You decide.

@Iconocl48192651 @darkjournalist @gizadeathstar What Cruz actually said made sense. If you are going to build a major economy in space someone is going to have to police the sea lane. Cheap sarcasm from little minds is the sign of a failing culture.

Smooth flying from Bankgkok to Paris this am, made my flight to JFK with 5 minutes to spare. As we crossed the coast of Brittany and Normandy, there it was - Mont Saint Michel. Head out to Memphis on Wednesday afternoon. Home sweet home!

@NoahZark6 @1peacefulkoala @SenSanders I understand you are questioning the math. Good for you. What I am telling you is that trillions have been stolen. You need to read the facts and reach your own conclusion. But don't say it is not feasible - indeed given the facts it is more than feasible.

If you doubt where this is going, suggest you watch the following description of California's new sex education curriculum - time to home school - it is the only option

@roots4bernie One group has a cost of capital of 1%. The other group has a cost of capital of 30%. Within a few decades, which ones will own all of the land? And what impact do you think a few anti-trust rules and 100 lawyers at DOJ will make?

@NoahZark6 @1peacefulkoala @SenSanders In addition $21 trillion relates to both revenues and expenses. So if you are laundering proceeds of poppy sales in Afghanistan or oil sales in Iraq, it is an inflow, not an outflow.

@NoahZark6 @1peacefulkoala @SenSanders Not absurd at all if you have studied and dealt with the securities fraud between fiscal 1989-fiscal 2015. Why do you think the bailouts were $25 trillion when $8 trillion would have paid off all the SF residential mortgages in the country at the time?

@NoahZark6 @1peacefulkoala @SenSanders Or let me say it another way. I assume you are a living breathing human being. That makes you worth my time. The Times is a machinery that has manufactured a lot of fake consent and material omissions - and fake frames. That is their business. Not worth my time.

@NoahZark6 @1peacefulkoala @SenSanders The little game with AOC was a play to kill this story. You fell for it. Why waste my time on NYTimes? Got my fill of their lies during the first Bush Administration. They play for the other team- or haven't you noticed? Do you know how many people you can buy for $21 trillion?

@frLarousse2 @LouDobbs @patton6966 @cynthiamckinney @GovJVentura @RandPaul @RonPaul @Dennis_Kucinich @DanielLMcAdams @SGTreport @USAWatchdog Fed is bankrupt? Using my name. Total BS. Please do not send this crap.

@NoahZark6 @1peacefulkoala @SenSanders Actually, without reliable audit statements (required by law for the last 20 years) you do not know that. Indeed, given the securities fraud, it could be MUCH MORE. So put up documentation to prove that it is not missing or understand you are promoting a falsehood.

Faasai's Resort and Spa's Bronwen Evan @bangkokbronnie as we danced our way to the temple ceremony this morning in Chanthaburi, Thailand. The whole village was dancing with the young monks from the resort to the temple. Joy in the morning....

@rscottfitzgera1 Don't mean to drag this out Scott but...why does posting a picture of a ceremony I attended in Thailand for sons of a friend represent an absence of kindness to anyone?

@susancanyon I was in Pagan in 1971...unbelievable memories of the beauty of the temples. What I remember was how everyone gave you cigars. Very generous people.

@rscottfitzgera1 As far as I know, I try to be good to people everywhere I go - except I am tough on people who promote political and economic centralization and violate the law in USA and globally.

Beautiful ceremony today at Faasai - founders 2 sons with shaven heads preparing for their weeks as monks. Tomorrow we walk to the temple for the induction ceremony.

My Money & Markets Commentary - May 9, 2019 - China pushes back hard on IP, 5G and Pompeo's oil market manipulation plan/Iranian sanctions. Empire's making up reality wears thin worldwide while the drumbeats of war continue https://t.co/EWDuWKEki1

@JTweets1234 No way to know. I believe the debt has been issued that is not recorded in the official accounts - so the actual debt is much greater. Some of the $21 trillion are revenues as well

It's Finished! Missing Money - A Personal History - I never intended to spend 30 years of my life trying to prevent U.S. federal financial fraud or warning my fellow citizens and investors about it... https://t.co/aLSY0R67UF

@MVM321 Now we have nothing. While the swamp drama continues, funding levels on pension funds continue to fall, drugs continue to pour in and students can not seek protection in bankruptcy. The swamp drama is a distraction.

Watching the sun rise at Faasai in Chanthaburi along the eastern coast of Thailand - listening to a symphony of tropical birds following a quick thunderstorm. We are celebrating the quenching of thirst and cooler temperatures! https://t.co/Bxa0tcqg3O

This Week on Money & Markets -The Push for War - Guaidó coup attempt - CFR: More on end of empire - Sanctions Erosion Strategy – Why You Need to Know About Paygo + FASAB 56 - What’s Next for Commerzbank after deal with Deutsche Off? - Uber IPO https://t.co/M1CL4XJNfg

@latitude808 No - but if you look a the storm that forced me to sell my house, I will bet you $1 he helped make it so. When I settled my litigation I bought a small country house that would inspire no jealousy in the brotherhood.

@gotarevolution Why mess with laws that orders a private company what they must do or not do? Why not just hold the government responsible to obey the financial laws - and then many of these other problems will go away. Hack at the root, not at the twigs.