The Electromagnetic Body with Dr. Tom Cowan

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There has been a revolution in how we perceive the body. What appears to be an object, a three-dimensional anatomical structure, is actually a process, a constant flow of energy and information.”
~ Deepak Chopra

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Dr. Tom Cowan has spent a lifetime trying to understand the human mind and body and teach people how to be healthy. He is well known for his excellent books on heart health and the role of water in our bodies.

Tom joined me on the Solari Report in June 2020 to discuss the fallacies of germ theory. As a founding board member and supporter of the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF), Tom co-authored The Contagion Myth with WAPF founder and president Sally Fallon Morell, who also joined us on the Solari Report at the time of the book’s publication in September 2020.

The topics addressed by Tom and Sally are important, as our history is filled with one virus fraud after another—frauds used to justify or cover up all manner of poisonings and financial frauds. As I see it, virus frauds are, among other reasons, stealth tools that central bankers use to engineer deflation and centralize ownership of assets without having to raise interest rates so high that they inspire mobs with pitchforks to come after them. They also raise important questions on the mysterious ingredients in pharmaceuticals and what they have to do with transhumanism and the smart grid.

When I was in Knoxville at the excellent Weston A. Price Foundation conference last fall, Tom’s wonderful son Asher, who runs their Dr. Cowan’s Garden business, engaged with me in open discussion at our Solari gathering about whether viruses exist and whether settling that debate is a good use of our time and resources.

When I first investigated the issue, I listened to Tom and Jon Rappoport argue that viruses don’t exist. I also listened to numerous doctors and scientists for whom I have the greatest respect argue that they do. At the time, I concluded two things—first, that to study and get to the bottom of the debate sufficient to form an independent educated opinion would take me a great deal of time, and second, that doing so would not be a good use of my time. I decided to focus on bringing transparency to what I call the “great poisoning,” including virus frauds (which can occur whether viruses exist or not), highlighting their relationship to the financial system and the governance system that engineers them, and working to prevent the control grid from maturing into a slavery system. I preferred to spend my time helping people resist the conversion of the financial system into a control grid.

Meanwhile, Tom and I continued our conversation online, and he now joins me again on the Solari Report to keep the discussion going. Tom believes passionately that viruses do not exist and is convinced that bringing transparency to that fact will decimate the virus frauds and the push for central control. As a tactical matter, I do not agree.

Where we do agree is that the virus debate is part of a much bigger issue. At this time, when efforts to integrate numerous systems and “harvest” the human body in entirely new ways are accelerating—including proposals to launch CBDCs and link them to the human body as a “battery”—we urgently need a paradigm that recognizes our body as both physical and electromagnetic. After Tom and I concluded our discussion, I decided to ask Ulrike Granögger to join me for our discussion of “The Economy of the Energy Body” to provide critical background on some of these issues. Given the enthusiastic subscriber response to that interview, it seems that many understand the importance of this topic.

In short, Tom and I both agree that significant breakthroughs in our understanding of our electromagnetic body are desperately needed and can serve the dual causes of personal health and freedom. That said, as you will see in our interview, our debate about tactics continues—respectfully anchored in our mutual love of free speech.

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