The Cost of One Photographer

“A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money.” ~Senator Everett Dirksen

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Today, I checked into my hotel in Verona sometime between 4pm and 5pm. I unpacked, attended to e-mail and then joined the Solari team by bridge call on our Monday Round Up. At 8pm, I went downstairs to meet my friends in the hotel lobby. As we stood outside our hotel, there was a photographer with a large, professional camera taking pictures. It looked like he was taking pictures of us. However, when I looked at him he started taking pictures of the buildings and then walked into the hotel. He looked approximately 40-45 years, was thin with reddish brown hair, wore glasses and was probably somewhere between 5’10” to 6 feet.

Groan…I am probably going to have to start carrying my smart phone with me so I can take pictures of these folks.

After a concert and a dinner in the square we walked back to the hotel. It was sometime between 11pm and midnight. The streets were deserted. Yet there in the distance was the photographer taking pictures of us as we approached. I walked towards him and he walked away down the street as fast as he could without breaking into a run.

I figure the photography job probably cost $2-2,500.  The photographer looked more British or American than Italian. Which means with travel expenses, it could have cost up to $5-10,000 unless he was a local expat stringer.  Whatever the particulars, this is a lot of money. Think about it. It all adds up.

I bring this up because I am irritated. Children are dying for lack of health care. Young people are struggling with student debt. Families can not afford high quality fresh food for their children. Streets have potholes. BUT…someone can afford to pay a photographer to stand around my hotel waiting for me to return from dinner in Verona, Italy.

This is why I keep bringing up the missing money and the US Constitution. There is $21 Trillion missing from the US government. The US government is not in compliance with Constitutional spending and disclosures provisions as well as financial management laws.

We can not afford to have all our money stolen, with a portion spent to manipulate, intimidate and control us. Want to help? Tell your friends about the missing money…things are coming to a head and all solutions require that we balance our books with ALL THE MONEY.

Please send this link far and wide: HUD and DOD Missing Money: Supporting Documentation

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