Sunday, October 30, 2016 – Trump Rally

By a Solari Report Subscriber

I went to a Trump rally on Sunday. Friend of mine drove up from Los Angeles to see him. I didn’t need to be first in line, but my friend was insistent we set the alarm early to get there by 5:30AM. Trump wasn’t scheduled to speak until 11AM, or later.

It was a really cool event. Everyone in line was upbeat, positive and friendly. There was a real feeling in the room that we were all a part of some important movement. While I won’t exaggerate and say there were a lot, there were several African Americans in the audience. My friend is very social and engaged many people in conversation, especially welcoming the African Americans and inquiring if they were under pressure from friends and family for supporting Trump (they said yes.) Many of the other people we spoke with were evidently very well informed about Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds and crimes. My friend and I were both surprised about how up-to-date and knowledgeable a lot of the people we spoke with were about everything going on (FBI investigation, Wikileaks, etc.)

A lot of people showed up for this event. At 6AM in the morning, I did a crude count and got to about 500 people. One of the speakers around 10:30AM mentioned, off the cuff, that there were 6000 or 7000 in attendance. Given my crude count at 6AM, I have no doubt this number was reasonable, if not low.

One person held up a rainbow colored sign saying “Gays for Trump.” There were tons of women holding “Women for Trump” signs. Trump invited a Latina up on stage that was holding a “Latinos for Trump” sign. He actually gave her the microphone and she spoke out about the need for legal immigration, as her family has done. Could some of this have been staged, sure, but I didn’t get that impression. It was a real nice feeling in that room. Like you were doing something positive.

I was on the lookout for signs of entrainment. At any sign of “emotional surge,” (my words) I was prepared to question why I had them and what was going on at that precise moment. Other than music they were pumping in to keep the crowd occupied until things were about to get underway, which was entirely normal, I didn’t detect any potential entrainment. The only time I had any sense of “emotional surges,” and I’d say there were perhaps two, it was at times that my mind wandered to the realization that everyone in the room came to hear this man speak because they care. They care about their families; they care about America; they care about democracy and doing the right thing. They care about accountability, and responsibility. I had understandable emotional surges right then, because I realized I’m not alone. There are others like me. Many others. It started to bring a tear to my eye when I realized this, with 7000 people like me, around me.

On the way out of the event, there wasn’t a single piece of trash on the floor. Not even a “Trump/Pence,” “Keep America Great” or “Women for Trump” placard could be found discarded, and they were generously handed out on the way in. In the long lines to get down the escalators, there wasn’t a single rude person trying to cut the line or push their way through. You know, you can’t go and see a movie these days without stepping over piles of garbage (popcorn, popcorn containers, soda drinks, etc) on the way out. Why do people feel so free to leave all their garbage lying around in movie theaters? And yet, at the Trump rally, where people were patiently standing for 3 or 4 times the length of time it takes to see a modern movie, there wasn’t a single scrap on the ground. These were people that were responsible, and respectful, and thoughtful. I want to vote for the candidate that attracts these types of people, because it says something about the quality of his candidacy.

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