Spiritual Science in the Present Age Series: Agriculture and Health with Thomas H. Meyer

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In agriculture we must always learn to look at the things themselves, and of each thing we must learn what happens to it when it passes, either from the animal into the soil, or from the plant into the animal.”
~ Rudolf Steiner, Agriculture, Lecture VIII

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In this installment of Spiritual Science in the Present Age, Thomas H. Meyer discusses Rudolf Steiner’s prescient and paradigm-changing ideas about agriculture and health.

Steiner’s lectures and courses on agriculture launched biodynamic farming—an approach that involves working not just with the earth but also with the cosmos and spiritual entities. In a series of lectures given in 1924, Steiner addressed problems with conventional agriculture that are still all too relevant today, including the use of chemical fertilizers, the raising of animals in confinement, and the impact of growing electrification. On the latter topic, Steiner observed, “Electricity … is not intended to work into the realm of the living – it is not meant to help living things especially; it cannot do so.” Steiner also touched on some of the basic practices central to today’s regenerative farming movement—such as raising animals on pasture and treating the farm as a living organism.

As political leaders increasingly deploy “climate change” as a cover story to justify culling livestock and driving farmers into bankruptcy or off their land, Steiner’s agricultural wisdom is more relevant than ever.

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