Space – Week of 04.15.18

US Senate narrowly confirms Trump’s new NASA chief
Space Daily | 19 April 2018

Air Force space acquisition center to undergo major reorg this fall
Defense News | 19 April 2018

Air Force looks to ramp up space training, info sharing with allies
Defense News | 18 April 2018

World Treaty Conference to Ban Neurotech Mind Control Weapons
Peace In Space | April 2018

STRATCOM head: Don’t doubt Russia’s drive to develop ‘invincible’ hypersonic missile
Defense News | 17 2018

New Reality in Space Driving Change in European Defense Policy
Spacewar | 17 April 2018

US, Russia likely to go to Mars Together, former NASA astronaut says
Mars Daily | 17 April 2018

White House readies new system for space traffic management, VP Mike Pence says
Geek Wire | 16 April 2018

US-Russia Rocket Cooperation ‘Shining Example’ of Joint Success – RD Amross
Sputnik News | 16 April 2018

US Air Force Increases Focus on Space
Space War | 13 April 2018

Best Space Sciences Colleges in the U.S.
Universities | April 2018