Space – 1st Quarter 2019

SpaceX snags second Falcon 9 booster in two weeks after Crew Dragon launch
Teslarati | 06 March 2019

IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) unveils improved anti-jamming GPS
GPS Daily | 06 March 2019

Watch SpaceX launch its Crew Dragon capsule in milestone test flight
CNBC | 04 March 2019

Research laying groundwork for off-world colonies
Phys.Org | 04 March 2019

Space Force to cost $2 billion, include 15,000 personnel in first five years
Defense News | 01 March 2019

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) to Launch Nearly 30 Satellites in March on New PSLV Rocket
Space Daily | 01 March 2019

NASA Is Rushing to the Moon
The Atlantic | 26 February 2019

President Trump Participates in a Signing Ceremony for Space Policy Directive 4

President Trump Participates in a Signing Ceremony for Space Policy Directive 4

The White House | 19 February 2019

Virgin Galactic spaceplane reaches space with first passenger on board
The Verge | 22 February 2019

Plans for first Chinese solar power station in space revealed
Sydney Morning Herald | 15 February 2019

Iran confirms second failed satellite launch: NBC News
Reuters | 15 February 2019

GOES-17 is operational and monitoring weather in the Pacific and western United States
Next Gov | 12 February 2019

Agencies now have more options when purchasing geospatial data and analytics off GSA’s IT Schedule 70
Next Gov | 12 February 2019

Israel is about to launch the first privately-funded mission to the Moon
Yahoo | 01 February 2019

Trump says US will develop space-based missile defense
Star Tribune | 17 January 2019

Boeing Invests in Isotropic Systems Ltd. to Expand Satellite Communications Capabilities
Yahoo | 15 January 2019

The Truth is Out There: New Online SETI Tool Tracks Alien Searches
Sputnik | 14 January 2019

Renewed space rivalry between nations ignores a tradition of cooperation
Space War | 14 January 2019

Shock Report: Chairman Of Harvard Astronomy Says “Oumuamua” Object Is “Reconnaissance Spaceship… Deliberately Sent To The Inner Solar System”
SHTF Plan | 13 January 2019

Can China become a scientific superpower?
The Economist | 12 January 2019

Chang’e-4 update: Both vehicles healthy, new imagery from the Moon’s far side
Planetary Society | 11 January 2019

SpaceX launches Falcon 9 with final set of 10 Iridium network satellites
CBS News | 11 January January 2019

Iran says will not halt aerospace program despite U.S. warning
Reuters | 09 January 2019

Why China Tiptoed onto the Far Side of the Moon
Consortium News | 09 January 2019

Is This Why China Went To The Dark Side Of The Moon?
Zero Hedge | 07 January 2019

‘New Chapter’ in Space Exploration as China Reaches Far Side of the Moon
New York Times | 02 January 2019

Chandrayaan-2 – India’s Lunar Mission Will Greatly Benefit NASA and ROSCOSMOS: Experts
Eurasian Times | 20 December 2018

Israeli spacecraft gets special passenger before moon journey
Physics | 17 December 2018

CHEOPS launch slot announced: The CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite, CHEOPS, will target 15 October to 14 November 2019 for launch as the European Space Agency ESA announced on 23 November 2018.
Cheops Unibe | 23 November 2018

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