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“You can do it everywhere, and you do not have to have a special situation for treating people. You can do it when you go for a swim and someone has a cramp, or you are going somewhere and you eat something that your stomach doesn’t like. You can do it when you are flying around the whole globe and your digestion doesn’t work as you would like it to work.” ~ Astrid Natzler on Korean Hand Therapy

By Catherine Austin Fitts

When you meet Astrid Natzler, you immediately know you are in the presence of someone who is both very special and inspires health. This is a person who gets energy from helping others be successful.

When I was in Switzerland in October, Astrid introduced me to one of her favorite therapies, Korean Hand Therapy. I love foot reflexology, so a comparable approach to hands makes so much sense. One of my goals for 2019 is to learn more about how to use Korean Hand Therapy, especially when I am traveling without the many resources I have at my home.

It is so important that we learn and practice preventative medicine and apply natural methods whenever they might work. This is the heart and soul of health care that is practical and economic. Consequently, I asked Astrid if I could share an introduction with our subscribers and audience.

So we sat down on a beautiful sunny day in Zurich late last fall and here’s the result – a fascinating introduction to a gifted teacher and an intriguing natural therapy.


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