Science & Technology – Week of 12.03.17

Marx, Robotics and the Collapse of Profits
Of Two Minds | 09 December 2017
Profits fall to…

Puerto Rico Rising: PR on the Map
PR on the Map | December 2017

Puerto Rico Rising – #PRontheMap

Puerto Rico Rising – #PRontheMap

Vimeo | December 2017
Grassroots media delegation devoted to reporting on, reimagining, and reviving…

California Wildfires: Winds Pose ‘Extreme Danger’ for Los Angeles
Guardian | 07 December 2017
Fear is that the winds, blowing westward…

All the Buzz at AI’s Big Shindig
Economist | 06 December 2017
Big event…

Go Local: Why I’m not a Cyclist
Strong Towns | 06 December 2017
Become a cyclist?…

Largest Crypto-Mining Exchange Confirms It Was Hacked, $62 Million In Bitcoin Stolen
Zero Hedge | 06 December 2017
Why is my nicehash wallet zero…

Latest Solari Donation
Wikipedia Donations
Wikimedia | December 2017
Solari participates in recurring monthly plan…

Aerospace and Mitchell Institute Release New Report on Policy Needs for Space Operations
Space Daily | 06 December 2017
WArfighting domain in…

Nissan to Start Testing Self-driving Robotaxis in March
Market Watch | 05 December 2017
Public can apply to be part…

FOIA Docs Reveal US Military Developing Genetic Extinction Weapon to Eradicate Entire Species
Free Thought Project | 07 December 2017
Whether to impose a moratorium…

PayPal’s TIO data breach: 1.6 million customers’ personal details stolen by hackers
International Business Times | 04 December 2017
Again, Nothing Digital has any Integrity…

Hummingbirds Are Where Intuition Goes to Die
The Atlantic | 29 November 2017
Uses its beak to…