Science & Technology – Week of 07.09.17

They Want To Put Nano-Chips In Currency So They Can Track Every Note
Armstrong Economics | 15 July 2017
Black Economy Taskforce…

ACChain Digital Coin Begins Trading on Japan’s NERAEX Exchange
The Blockchain | 14 July 2017
Allowing exchange and circulation of …

These AI Bots are so Believable, They Get more Dates than You
CNBC | 14 July 2017
Soft skills for jobs like sales and…

EMF Warriors 1 & 2- Follow The Money with Catherine Austin Fitts

EMF Warriors 01_02 - Follow The Money with Catherine Austin Fitts

EMF Warriors 01_02 – Follow The Money with Catherine Austin Fitts

YouTube | 12 July 2017
Corruption underpins the cover-up of the harmful effects…

AT&T and Verizon Want Free Rein to put New Wireless Transmitters in Your Neighborhood
LA Times | 10 July 2017
Here’s why that’s a bad idea…

AT&T Attempts to Hijack Net Neutrality ‘Day of Action’ With Deceptive Webpage
Extreme Tech | 13 July 2017
Next level by including a widget…

Wi-Fi Health Advocates Fight to Save Copper Phone Lines
Odwyerpr | 11 July 2017
July 17 deadline, comments to the FCC… 5G rollout…

This is a Battle for the Future of the Internet
BFTI | 12 July 2017
Take the first…

Chinese City to Launch ‘Unhackable’ Quantum Network
SCMP | 10 July 2017

Raging Wildfires Across California Force Nearly 8,000 to Evacuate: ‘It was Terrifying’
LA Times | 09 July 2017
Largest active fire in California…

DARPA Reveals $65 Million ‘Matrix’ Program To Plug Soldiers Brains Directly Into A Computer
Now The End Begins | 10 July 2017

5 Most INSANE DARPA Projects

5 Most INSANE DARPA Projects

YouTube |05 December 2016
Real time tracking…

US Military Reveals $65m Funding for ‘Matrix’ Projects to Plug Human Brains Directly into a Computer
Daily Mail | 10 July 2017
Super senses and even…

All Electric Remote Control Trucks: Can the Concept Work?
Mish Talk | 10 July 2017
Goal is to have a fleet of…

Amazon Hires Gadget Experts for Door-to-door Smart Home Installs, Taking on Best Buy’s Geek Squad
Geekwire | 10 July 2017
In-home technology implementations…

How the City of Gresham Uses Biogas and Solar Energy to Fuel Wastewater Operations
Veolia | 20 July 20152017
(2015) Success is…