Science & Technology – Week of 07.02.17

List of US State Bills Streamlining Wireless Small Cells/DAS/Nodes on Rights Of Way
EH Trust | 06 July 2017
(5G)Taxpayer property for their own…

Cities Fight Bill to Streamline Cell Antenna Installations
Mercury News | 05 July 2017
Use of public…

Child With Heart Problems From Wireless: 5G Health Risks California SB 649 Hearing

YouTube | 30 June 2017
SB 649 would Remove Local…

‘Health Exemption for Firefighters Sends a Message to the World’ by Susan Foster
BRHP | 26 June 2017
RF (wireless) radiation as a 2b or possible human…

Flight Attendant Smashed Wine Bottles Over Unruly Passenger’s Head During Mid-Flight Chaos
Fortune | January 2017
Forward right exit door of…

Germany Got 35% of Its Electricity from Renewables in 2017
Undernews | 04 July 2017
Percent of the United States…

How NSA Spies on Ordinary Americans
Undernews | 04 July 2017
New analysis…

China Tech: Interesting Bits and Pieces
Information Clearing House | 30 June 2017
In Mind…

Here’s how Amazon Plans to Shut Down Showrooming
retail Leader | 28 June 2017
Wi-Fi network could intercept