Science & Technology – Week of 06.25.17

Amazon Is Trying to Control the Underlying Infrastructure of Our Economy
Motherboard | 25 June 2017
Company actually is…

Darpa B.R.A.I.N. Chip Program EXPOSED!
The Alex Jones Channel
YouTube | 27 June 2014
The Chip is in..

FrankenSkies Full Length Documentary



YouTube | 20 June 2017
Look Up!!!

Quantum Entanglement , Science’s ‘Spookiest’ Phenomenon, Achieved in Space
Chicago Tribune | 30 June 2017

Star Trek Communications Looms on the Horizon….

Ahvaz, Iran Hits 129.2 Sizzling Degrees, Setting National and Word Records
Mashable | 29 June 2017
Zero Mention of New Cold Records set in US…

Russian Satellite Will Launch In Two Weeks, Will Be The Brightest Star In Sky
SHTF Plan | 29 June 2017
Interesting Possiblities…

Is it about to blow? Yellowstone Supervolcano is hit by 878 Earthquakes in just over TWO WEEKS – the Most Active it has been for Five Years
Daily Mail UK | 28 June 2017
Tracking the Swarm…

New Atmospheric Radiation Results
Space Weather | 26 June 2017
Increase of cosmic rays in New England vs….