Science & Technology – Week of 06.18.17

Global TI Survey Launch

Global TI Survey Launch

Global TI Survey Launch

YouTube | 21 June 2017
A Broad Spectrum Chronicle of Digital Tech Abuses….

Under Pressure, Western Tech Firms bow to Russian Demands to Share Cyber Secrets
Reuters | 23 June 2017
Looking for Those Back Doors…

Daring Antarctic Rescue Mission At South Pole
Sky News | 22 June 2017
Lockheed Martin, which deals with…

Amazon’s Grocery Push Playing Catch Up with Chinese E-commerce Giants
Reuters | 22 June 2017
Services will include…

Hooked on Your Phone?
CBS News | 11 June 2017
Interesting Analogies…

Opinion: Bill Would Turn California Utility Poles into Cell Towers
East Bay Times | 09 June 2017
Excessive to say the Least…

Huge Two-Seater “Drone” Aims to Reinvent the Helicopter
Reuters UK | 21 June 2017
Hybrid Propulsion, No Serious Flight Time Yet…

Boeing to Test Self-Flying Planes
Reuters UK | 19 June 2017
Getting Rid of the Pesky Human Element…

Researchers Train Drones to use Wi-Fi to Look Through Walls
Tech Crunch | 19 June 2017
X-ray Vision via Drone….

Jack Ma Warns About Dangers of Artificial Intelligence
RT | 21 June 2017
Ma Should Know…

Enter the Nimble Dragon: China sees Nuclear Future in Small Reactors
Asian Times | 20 June 2017
A Safer more Sustainable Answer…

Algerian Sentenced for Dangling Baby out of Window ‘to get 1,00 Facebook Likes’
Al Arabia | 20 June 2017
Abhorrent Behavior is Popular …

There Have Been 296 Earthquakes Near The Yellowstone Supervolcano Within The Last 7 Days
Zero Hedge | 19 June 2017
EQ Swarms Indicate Rising Magma…

The End of Car Ownership
Wall Street Journal | 20 June 2017
Welcome to the Machine…

China Sets New Record for Quantum Entanglement en route to Build New Communication Network
News AU | 19 June 2017
Encryption Fix, Quantum Theory Experiment???

Nuke Lab Shut Down Endangers US Arsenal
Reading Eagle | 18 June 2017

Uber Board Member Resigns After Making Sexist Joke at Company Meeting About Sexism
Vanity Vair| 14 June 2017
Resignation of David Bonderman explains…