Science & Technology – Week of 05.28.17

Trump’s Speech On Paris Climate Agreement Withdrawal, Annotated (Audio not annotated)
NPR | 01 June 2017

YouTube | 01 June 2017
Missing money…

Trump Didn’t Kill the Paris Agreement — It Was Already Dead
Inside Sources | 02 June 2017
Climate Deal Postmortem…

‘Mystery Ice’ Baffles Florida Family
Coast to Coast | 03 June 2017
High Altitude Ice Impact…

Tencent’s WeChat has Completely Taken over China’s Mobile Internet
Asian Times | 02 June 2017
Chinese Social Networking Engineering….

Miner Who Confronted Clinton Reacts to Paris Accord Decision

YouTube | 02 June 2017
Mr. Global Engineered Climate Agreements…

The $50 Million Purdue-Kaplan Deal: What It Means for Kaplan, Purdue, and EdTech
Ed Times | 01 June 2017
Online .edu Goes Mainstream…

NASA Shoots Probe at Sun
Info Wars | 31 May 2017
Outer Solar Atmosphere Targeted..

Microsoft Co-founder Built the World’s Largest Plane to Launch Rockets into Space
Verge | 31 March 2017
Orbital ATK inked a deal with…

Seeing Through Walls.. It’s Simple..
JP Farrell | 28 May 2017
Big Brother X-ray Vision…

50 Best Computer Science Schools in the World
Business Insider | 28 May 2017
Interesting Rankings..

You Can Now Sell Solar Power to your Neighbors
Revolution-Green | 28 May 2017
Grid Tie, has Risk and Rewards…

The Need for a Digital Geneva Convention
Micro Soft | 14 February 2017
Digital(MS) Vulnerabilities bring Call for Civility…