Science & Technology – Week of 04.23.17

Latest Solari Petition
Don’t Let the New FCC Kill Net Neutrality
Action Network | 28 April 2017
Net Neutrality Threat….

It’s No Game | A Sci-fi Short Film Starring David Hasselhoff

YouTube | 25 April 2017
You Will be Assimilated.Inc…

This Device Gives any Bike an Electric Motor
Twitter | 28 April 2017
20 MPH Assist….

‘Arresting Assange is a Priority’: US to file Charges Against WikiLeaks Founder

YouTube | 21 April 2017
US goes after the pro-transparency…

EMF Warriors Launch_Social Media

YouTube | 30 March 2017
EMF Pollution Mitigation Awareness…

Facebook Working on Brain-Computer Interface to Translate Thoughts to Text
Brietbart | 01 May 2017
The Stuff of “B” Horror Movies…

Top 10 Things You Can Do to Protect You and Your Family; by Jason Bawden Smith
EMF Warriors | 27 April 2017
EMF Pollution Mitigation…

David Hasselhoff Stars in a New Short Film—and All His Lines Were Written by AI
Singularity Hub | 26 April 2017
Resistance is Futile….

How Evil Is Silicon Valley?
WSJ | 26 April 2017
More Joys of Monopoly….

Bill Ryan Update – “The Truth about Corey Goode”
Ascension with Earth| 26 April 2017

Can Plastic Roads Help Save the Planet? BBC News

YouTube | 25 April 2017
Dealing with Waste Plastic Constructively…

That Ghostly, Glowing Light Above Canada? It’s Just Steve
WSJ | 25 April 2017
Interesting / Curious Phenom…

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Issues Dire Warning That AI Could Steal CEOs’ Jobs
Gizmodo | 24 April 2017
Tech Instant Karma…

UCF Professor Invents Way to Trigger Artificial Photosynthesis to Clean Air, Produce Energy
UCF | 24 April 2017
The Implications are HUGE…..

NSA Blimp Spied in the United States
Intercept | 24 April 2017
National Tactical Integration Office…

Alibaba’s Ma: The Internet Should Be a Worldwide Utility
Fortune | 23 April 2017
Tool of Liberation or Conttrol..???

WiFi Experiment Done By A Group Of 9th Grade Students Got Serious International Attention
Nature Knows | 23 April 2017
Frightening that there is so much…

I’d Pay You $500,000 a Year, but You Can’t Do the Work
Shelly Palmer| 23 April 2017
Holes in the Tech Sector Talent Pool…