Science & Technology – Week of 04.09.17

Children as Young as 13 Attending ‘Smartphone Rehab’ as Concerns Grow Over Screen Time
Independent | 14 April 2017
The Chip is In…

Pompeo Mocks Microwave Surveillance
Politico | 14 April 2017
Through their…

Six Unsung Heroes from Bengaluru Honored at Namma Bengaluru Awards-2016
Bangalore Citizens Matters | 13 April 2017

Recognition for Making Place Based Contributions…

Merging LASER Beams into One Beam (Where Have I Heard that Before?)
JP Farrell | 13 April 2017
Scientific Accidents are Interesting…

Shock-Absorbing Spear Points Kept Early North Americans on the Hunt
Science News | 13 April 2017

Necessity has Always been the Mother of Invention…

Engineers Just Submitted an Incredible Proposal to Turn the US Border Wall Into a Hyperloop
Science Alert | 13 April 2017
MADE Collective…$1 Trillion…

Nasa announces one of Saturn’s moons could support alien life in our solar system
Indepedent | 13 April 2017
Life requires three…

Goldman Sachs, Platinum, and Asteroid Mining
Giza Death Star | 12 April 2017
No other way to put it…

Two-Millennia-Old Underground City Unearthed in Iran
Iran Front Page | 12 April 2017

Ancient Subterranean Discoveries…

U.S.Awards AT&T Contract to Build Wireless Network for First Responders
Reuters | 30 March 2017
Ultimate Control Network…

Symantec Says CIA Hacking Tools Found Operating in 16 Countries
Fifth Domain | 10 April 2017
Financial, Energy and Aerospace snooping….

The U.S. Has An ‘Active Cyber War Underway’ To Thwart The North Korean Nuclear Threat
NPR | 29 March 2017
Small Glimpse into Cyber War Front….

WikiLeaks Just Dropped the CIA’s Secret How-to for Infecting Windows
ARS Technica | 07 April 2017
Building blocks