Science & Technology – Week of 02.19.17

Massive Amazon cloud service outage disrupts sites
USA Today | 28 February 2017
Amazon Outage Impact..

SpaceX to Fly Passengers On Private Trip Around the Moon in 2018 | 27 February 2017
Space Tourism is here..

2016 Top 100
Washington Tech | February 2017
Top Govt MIC Tech Co’s…

China’s Ambitious Space Program
New Delhi Times | 27 February 2017
China’s Space Race…

China’s Lofty Space Ambitions Include 2018 Landing on Moon’s Far Side
| 28 December 16
China’s Space Race White Paper…

Simple Rule Predicts when an Ice Age Ends
Space Daily | 24 February 2017
See Nature paper below…

Simple Rule to Determine Which Isolation Cycles Lead to Interglacials
Nature | 24 February 2017
Driven by variations in Earth’s orbital geometry and…

What Will Happen When They Know?
Linked In | 24 February 2017
Much harder when…

Serious Bug Exposes Sensitive Data From Millions Sites Sitting Behind CloudFlare
Hacker News | 23 February 2017
5.5 Million websites…

Dramatic Drone Footage Shows Extent Of San Jose Flooding
Zero Hedge | 23 February 2017
City’s dire…

Google Launches AI Program to Detect ‘Hate Speech’
Breitbart | 23 February 2017
Compile comments on…

NRL’s UAV ‘Wingman’ Technology Used in Air Combat Trials
Navy Mil | 22 February 2017
Recognize when or how to…

‘Quartz’ Crystals at Earth’s Core Power its Magnetic Field
Science Daily | 22 February 2017
Surrounded by a mantle of…

NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star
NASA | 22 February 2017
NASA Other Earths…

Privacy concerns Threaten Sales of Hi-tech Doll
CS Monitor | 18 February 2017
Hi Tech Doll Privacy threat..

Oklahoma Town Hits 100 Degrees in February
Undernews | 20 February 2017
100F in OK in February…