Science & Technology – 4th Quarter 2018

This clever AI hid data from its creators to cheat at its appointed task
Tech Crunch | 31 December 2019

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The Henrietta Lacks Foundation
Henrietta Lacks Foundation | 31 December 2018
Financial assistance to individuals in need, and their families, who have made important contributions to scientific research without personally benefiting from those contribution.

‘Reverse sex robots’ with REAL BRAINS could be granted human rights
Daily Star | 30 December 2018

“Everything Is Fake”: Ex-Reddit CEO Confirms Internet Traffic Metrics Are Bullshit
| 28 December 2018

California ponders state takeover of PG&E
Ca Political Review | 28 December 2018

Video: Electrical explosions, sparks light up Kenner sky before power outages
WWLTV | 28 December 2018

Alien mask in tow, Gov. Cuomo calls Queens flash ‘dramatic’
NY Daily News | 28 December 2018
People Were Convinced That Blue Flash in New York City Was Aliens
Time | 28 December 2018
5 POWERFUL Transformer Failures [What went wrong?]

Engineering World | May 2016
Arc fire example, not part of Blue Flash story

CenturyLink System Failure Causes 911 Outages Across The US
Zero Hedge | 28 December 2018

‘Fortnite’ Creator Epic Games Reportedly Earned $3 Billion In Profits in 2018
Fortune |27 December 2018

Song prompts 200 teens to explode into massive fight at skating rink, witnesses say
Miami Herald | 24 December 2018
Entrainment Technology?

PG&E: State will consider breaking up or taking over utility giant, citing poor safety record
Chicoer| 24 December 2018
Oroville site proposed for fire debris sorting
Chicoer | 20 December 2018

Tsunami kills at least 222 in Indonesia after Krakatau eruption
Reuters | 22 December 2018

Walmart secured a patent to eavesdrop on shoppers and employees
The Verge | 21 December 2018

London’s Gatwick airport reopens again after drones sow travel chaos
Reuters | 21 December 2018

‘Kill your foster parents’: Amazon’s Alexa talks murder, sex in AI experiment
Reuters | 21 December 2018

DirecTV owner AT&T says it’s done buying satellites
Space News | 20 December 2018

Russia, China, and those Ionospheric Heaters and other Stuff: Part One
Giza Death Star | 20 December 2018

Russia, China, and those Ionospheric Heaters and other Stuff: Part Two
Giza Death Star | 20 December 2018

2011: 10,000 Shipping Containers Lost At Sea Each Year…Here’s a Look At One
Singularity Hub | 05 April 2011

Amazon error allowed Alexa user to eavesdrop on another home
Reuters | 20 December 2018

The LibreRouter project aims to make mesh networks simple and affordable
Tech Crunch | 19 December 2018

Australia’s competition regulator gives green light to Thales-Gemalto deal
Reuters | 19 December 2018
Thales wins EU okay for 4.8-billion-euro Gemalto bid
NASDAQ | 11 December 2018

AT&T’s 5G network is live, if you’re in the right city
CNET | 18 December 2018

Christian group demands tech giants stop censorship or face tidal wave of lawsuits
Natural News | 17 December 2018

Hackers Unlock Phones Via 3D Printing
Payments | 17 December 2018

26 People with Ties to the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba Suffered “Health Attacks” from Weird Noises
Need to Know | 16 December 2018

China and Russia band together on controversial heating experiments to modify the atmosphere
South China Morning Post | 17 December 2018

Egypt unveils ‘one of a kind’ ancient tomb, expects more finds
Reuters | 15 December 2018

Camp Fire up close
Plumas News| 14 December 2018
Camp Fire Information: Photos…
Butte County GIS | December 2018

Hundreds March on Amazon Fulfillment Center in Minnesota
Gizmodo | 14 December 2018

Scientists Will Begin Geoengineering Experiment And Try To Block The Sun
Zero Hedge | 14 December 2018

Is 5G The Asbestos Of The 21st Century?
Take Back Your Power | 14 December 2018

Josh del Sol | 14 December 2018
John C. Dvorak: The Problem With 5G
Web Archive | 22 August 2018

Breaking Now! Google’s China HQ Burst Into Flames As Russia Threatens to Ban The AI Super Weapon Used in Russia
SGT | 12 December 2018

PG&E rate proposal would raise typical bill more than $10 a month
SF Gate | 13 December 2018

FBI plans ‘Rapid DNA’ network for quick database checks on arrestees
SF Gate | 13 December 2018

Goldman, JPMorgan, Citi among group backing Access Fintech startup
Seeking Alpha | 13 December 2018

Robot Tax – A Summary of Arguments “For” and “Against”
EMERJ | 12 December 2018

Google Office in China Engulfed in Massive Fire, Employees Evacuated (VIDEO)
Sputnik | 12 December 2018

FCC offers $67 million more per year for rural broadband programs
Engadge | 12 December 2018

GAO Dismisses IBM’s JEDI Protest
Next Gov | 12 December 2018

Resources: Comments flood the FCC in opposition to its proposal
Wisconsin Community Media | December 2018

This FCC rule change could put funding for public access TV at risk
Generocity | 12 December 2018

Public Access Television
Wikipedia | December 2018

FCC panel wants to tax Internet-using businesses and give the money to ISPs
ARStechnica | 12 December 2018

Hertz and Clear Bring Facial Recognition to the Rental Car Industry
Fortune | 11 December 2018

Photos: See Camp Fire damage from a helicopter
Chicoer | 10 December 2018

Climate change could trigger next global recession, 415 investment funds warn
Global News | 10 December 2018

The future of automated ports
McKinsey | December 2018

Zhang Shoucheng Was Being Touted For A Nobel Prize in Physics; Why Did He Kill Himself?
Zero Hedge | 10 December 2018

Biosludged: Download the Full Documentary
Bright Eon Films | November 2018
Natural News Science | Decmeber 2018

Newly-Released MKUltra Docs: The CIA Made Remote-Controlled Dogs With Brain Surgery
Zero Hedge | 10 December 2018

Online report of the Progressive Review. For 54 years, the news while there’s still time to do something about it.
Undernews | 10 December 2018

Apple slapped with sales and import ban in China on older iPhone models
USA Today | 10 December 2018

Tesla CEO Elon Musk: The 60 Minutes Interview: Musk opens up to Lesley Stahl about Twitter, pot, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Model 3 and Tesla
60 Minutes | 09 December 2018

After this past week, 5G is starting to feel real
CNET | 05 December 2018

Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Inevitable’ Global Warming Governance Will Create ‘Economic, Social, and Racial Justice’
Grabien | 06 December 2018

MUTANT TIME BOMB Chernobyl wolves infected with radiation feared to be spreading mutant genes across Europe
The Sun | 06 December 2018

Mind reading BREAKTHROUGH: Scientists can now ‘see thoughts of RATS using brain map’
Daily Star | 05 December 2018

Feds allege contracting fraud within secret Colorado spy warehouse
Gazette | 05 December 2018

‘Highly confidential’ documents reveal Facebook used VPN app to track competitors
Mashable | 05 December 2018

Pig hearts could soon be tested in humans after scientists pass important milestone
Telegraph | 05 December 2018

REAL LIFE PLANET OF THE APES: The African island inhabited by super aggressive ‘monster’ chimps released from US labs
The Sun | 04 December 2018

Microsoft expands rural broadband push to include 1 million more people
CNET | 04 December 2018

In a first, a woman with a uterus transplanted from a deceased donor gives birth
Science News | 04 December 2018

Microsoft and Mastercard want to give you a universal digital identity
Windows Central | 03 December 2018

Subscriber: The Global Carbon Tax Revolt; The French are the latest to refuse to sacrifice growth for green piety
WSJ | 03 December 2018

These new tweezers let scientists do biopsies on living cells
Science News | 03 December 2018

USMCA Entrenches Tech Companies’ Right To Censor
Breitbart | 03 December 2018

The Large Hadron Collider is shutting down for 2 years
Science News | 03 December 2018

2017: Cleaning Up the Santa Susana Field Lab is All About the Numbers
NBC Los Angeles | 10 October 2017

Video: Alaska earthquakes: Anchorage hit by flooding and thousands left without power after powerful tremors strike
Independent | 01 December 2018
Strange seismic waves that rippled around world leave scientists bewildered
Independent | 29 November 2018

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Internet prepares for final online protest ahead of net neutrality CRA deadline
Fight for the Future | December 2018

Federal CIO Office Cyber Lead Is Leaving Government
Next Gov | 30 November 2018
As Shutdown Looms, House Votes to Empower Federal CIO, Improve Agency Services
Next Gov | 03 December 2018

Inspired by Sci-Fi, an Airplane With No Moving Parts and a Blue Ionic Glow

Singularity Hub | 30 November 2018
Moving the Air, Not the Plane Parts

MIT Electric Aircraft Initiative | 30 November 2018

Wildfires Burn Across Eastern Australia in Sweltering Heat Wave
NY Times | 29 November 2018

Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why
National Geographic | 28 November 2018

List of missing in California’s deadliest wildfire drops sharply
Reuters | 01 Decemeber2018

The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism: Fake news, data collection, and the challenge to democracy
Freedom on the Net 2018 | 2018

Marriott Breach — What Happened, How Serious Is It And Who Is Impacted?
Forbes | 30 November 2018

White House Launches Cyber Reskilling Program
Nextgov | 30 November 2018

Pentagon Travel Record Breach Highlights Impact of Hacker Dwell Time
Nextgov | 29 November 2018

Mercury General Expects $253M Loss From California Wildfires
Yahoo | 29 November 2018

China Plans to Build a Deep Sea Base Run Entirely by AI
Futurism | 28 November 2018

Elon Musk’s Boring Company Cancels Los Angeles Tunnel Following Lawsuit
Gizmodo | 28 November 2018

What the Government Can Learn from Netflix: Customers have moved past the search engine
Next Gov | 27 November 2018

Trump Administration Ponies Up $449M for New California Dam
Court House News | 27 November 2018

Amazon Web Services and Lockheed Martin Team to Make Downlinking Satellite Data Easier and Less Expensive
Market Watch | 27 November 2018

Amazon plans to sell software that reads medical records
CNET | 27 November 2018

Can lab-grown human brains think?
The Week | 27 November 2018

Defense, Homeland Security Secretaries Spearhead Cyber Cooperation Agreement
Next Gov | 27 November 2018

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FAS | 27 November 2018

IBM adds to its JEDI cloud contract protest
Federal Times | 27 November 2018

GSA to consolidate 24 multiple award schedules into one
Federal Times | 26 November 2018

Chinese researcher claims first gene-edited babies
AP News | 26 November 2018

Microsoft briefly dethrones Apple as the most valuable US company (AAPL, MSFT)
Business Insider | 26 November 2018

CYBERCOM Has a Vendor In Mind For Its Big Data Platform But Is Open to Options
Next Gov | 26 November 2018

2014: 11 Tactics Used by the Mainstream Media to Manufacture Consent for the Oligarchy
Activist Post | 09 July 2014

America Needs a Citizens Panel on Ethics & Synthetic Cell Development
Oscillations | 24 November 2018

2017: How NSA Tracks You (Bill Binney) [improved audio]

Angel North | 08 August 2017

The green hydrogen revolution has started, and it won’t be stopped
WEF | 23 November 2018

Wanted: The ‘perfect babysitter.’ Must pass AI scan for respect and attitude
Washington Post | 23 November 2018

‘We are not robots’: Thousands of Amazon workers across Europe are striking on Black Friday over warehouse working conditions
Business Insider | 23 November 2018

Advertisement The robotic hotel room on wheels – is this the future of travel? Self-driving suite can ferry guests from place to place – and drones deliver room service through the sunroof
Daily Mail | 23 November 2018

It’s Official: We’re Living in the Prequel to ‘Blade Runner’

Truthstream Media | 22 November 2019

Paradise – the night before Thanksgiving: Thread by @yamphoto: “It’s the night before thanksgiving. It’s cold and wet outside. evacuees are still bracing the elements and looking for shelter. He […]” #CampFire #walmart #wildfires #wildfire
Thread Reader App | 21 November 2018

Butte County Officials Establish “Health Advisory” Predicate To Block All Property Owners From Returning…
The Conservative Tree House | 21 November 2018

Air Pollution Is The Greatest Human Health Risk
Statista | 21 November 2018

Defense, Homeland Security Secretaries Spearhead Cyber Cooperation Agreement
Next Gov | 21 November 2018

Baltimore becomes first US city to ban privatization of water
Undernews | 20 November 2018

Apple reportedly in talks to give veterans access to medical records on iPhones
CNET | 20 November 2018

AI and Automation Will Replace Most Human Workers Because They Don’t Have to Be Perfect—Just Better Than You
News Week | 20 December 2018

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Liberal Scorned: The Media Turns on Facebook and Google
Washington Blog | 19 November 2018

Once popular tech stocks like Facebook and Apple are now getting crushed: Here’s what happened
CNBC | 19 November 2018

Rise of the robo-tradies: ‘World first’ Australian bricklaying robot builds an entire house in just three days
Daily Mail | 19 November 2018

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Firefighters Support Foundation:Firefighters • Rescue • EMS, Helping those who serve
Fire Fighters Support | November 2018

Giza Death Star | 19 November 2018

Tech-enabled transformation: The trillion-dollar opportunity for industrials
McKinsey | November 2018

Latest Solari Oldie but Goodie
Now They Have Burned Los Alamos: The “Let Our Forests Burn Policy” and So-Called “Controlled Burns” During Summertime are Criminal and Stupid. These Policies Must be Re-examined by the Scientists of This Nation
Push Back | 12 October 1999

Spotting Mind Control Patterns – From 9/11 to California Fires w/ Ole Dammegard
Born Outside the Box | 18 November 2018

Search on for 1,276 now missing after California’s deadliest wildfire
Thomas Reuters Foundation | 18 November 2018

Trump sees wildfire areas, consoles those harmed by shooting
AP News | 17 November 2018

World Economic Forum: ‘Mind Control’ Could Turn Humans into Slaves
Newspunch | 17 November 2018
Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works
WEF | 07 November 2018

Why 536 AD was the worst year to be alive: Volcanic eruption that blocked out the sun for 18 months causing crop failures and widespread famine was the worst global disaster in history
Daily Mail | 17 November 2018

What the fox? Russian woman rides Moscow metro with unusual furry companion (VIDEO)

RT | 17 November 2018
Note genetics comment.

California’s Wildfires Have Spawned a Truly Weird New Conspiracy Theory
Gizmodo | 16 November 2018

Fire Sale Starts Nov. 23rd: Reality Zone founded by G Edward Griffin

Reality Zone | November 2018

Robot-soldiers, stealth jets and drone armies: the future of war
Gun Dynamics | 16 November 2018

As Camp Fire Death Toll Rises, Meet the Prisoners Making $1 an Hour to Fight California’s Wildfires
Democracy Now | 16 November 2018

Here’s what you need to know about Samsung’s new folding phone concept
Pop Science | 16 November 2018

2017: The link tax threatens the internet as we know it
Open Democracy | 20 March 2017

Neuroscientist Medha Pathak and the “Mechanome in Action”
Oscillations | 16 November 2018

California’s biggest utility provider spikes after regulator eases fears of bankruptcy following deadly wildfire (PCG)
Business Insider | 16 November 2018

FCC Approves SpaceX Application for Massive Satellite Constellation
Cryptogon | 15 November 2018

The U.S. Military Testing Stratospheric Balloons That Never Have to Come Down
Cryptogon | 15 November 2018

The Unimaginable Horror Continues – 7 More Bodies Found in ‘Camp Fire’ Bringing Total Killed to 63 – Hundreds Still Missing…
The Conservative Tree House | 15 November 2018

Apple has won an international award for making details of its supply chains public in a bid to help end modern slavery
Thompson Reuters Foundation | 15 November 2018

Science Admitted Signals Control Us
Truthstream Media | 15 November 2018

‘Mini Ice Age’ Looms As NASA Scientist Warns Lack Of Sunspots Could Bring Record Cold
Zero Hedge | 15 November 2018

Amazon didn’t pick your city for its HQ2, but it sure gathered a lot of data about it
Pop Science | 15 November 2018

The Town Devastated By The Deadliest Wildfire In California’s History (HBO)

Vice News | 15 November 2018

“The Whole Town Is Gone”: Dramatic Drone Footage Reveals Scale Of Fire Destruction In Paradise, CA
Zero Hedge | 15 November 2018

“The Whole Town Is Gone”

Sacramento Bee | 15 November 2018

Drone flyover shows Camp Fire destruction in Paradise

Sacramento Bee | 13 November 2018

Paradise Gone: Drone video shows devastation from deadly Camp Fire in Butte County

KTVU | 13 November 2018

RAW VIDEO: The view of Paradise after the Camp Fire from above

ABC10 | 13 November 2018

PG&E Plunges Into Crisis as It Faces Reckoning Over Fires
Yahoo | 14 November 2018

Kim Kardashian’s Private Firefighters Expose America’s Fault Lines
The Atlantic | 14 November 2018

Horrific – California ‘Camp Fire’ Death Toll Climbs to 56 – Hundreds of People Remain Missing…
The Conservative Tree House | 14 November 2018

Government denies Oracle’s protest of $10B Pentagon JEDI cloud RFP
Tech News Wires | 14 November 2018

5 US Tech Giants Just Spent $116 Billion Of Repatriated Cash On Buybacks
Zero Hedge | 14 November 2018

Seafood Commons Press Release 11/14/2018: High Seas as a Legal Entity
Seafood Commons | 14 November 2018

Blockchain Based Global Commons: A Purpose Driven Industry Designed to Solve The Biggest Problem the World Has Ever Faced
Seafood Commons | November 2018

PG&E emailed woman about sparking power lines day before Camp Fire started in same area
SF Gate | 13 November 2018

Amazon’s HQ2 decision met with ‘outrage’ by concerned residents
NBC News | 13 November 2018

Supersonic air travel is finally coming back

Verge Science | 13 November 2018

You probably had plastic for breakfast
Japan Times | 13 November 2018

Del Bigtree’s Home Burns In Catastrophic Fire Event
Vaxxter | 12 November 2018

Add a rail line to Silicon Valley and LA North
You absolutely must contemplate the map of the new high speed California Rail line

Twitter | 12 November 2018
Opinion 2017: Dianne Feinstein’s Husband Wins Near-Billion Dollar California ‘High Speed Rail’ Contract
SBY News | 19 February 2017

CNN Meteorologist Explains Why President Trump Is So Wrong About California’s Wildfires
Gizmodo | 12 November 2018

Amazon picks NYC and Northern Virginia for additional headquarters – WSJ
Reuters | 12 November 2018

Big Oil spent 1 percent on green energy in 2018
Reuters | 11 November 2018

Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips
The Guardian | 11 November 2018

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Ralph Ring Paradise Lost
Fundly | 10 November 2018

PG&E: Power line had problems before Camp Fire ignited
SF Gate | 10 November 2018

Yet Another Trillion-Dollar Unfunded Liability, California Wildfires Edition
Dollar Collapse | 10 November 2018
Justice Department sues California over “sanctuary” laws that aid those in U.S. illegally
Denver Post | 06 March 2018
The Top Four Reasons California Is Unsustainable
Forbes | 19 April 2018
California Lawmakers Upset That Wildfire Relief Money Is Left Out of White House’s $44 Billion Disaster Aid Request
KTLA | 19 November 2017

Your brand vs. social algorithms: The conundrum of 2018
Marketing Land | 13 November 2017
Subscription: At Netflix, Who Wins When It’s Hollywood vs. the Algorithm?
WSJ | 10 November 2018

Map of Woolsey and Hill fires: Highway 101 closed, Malibu evacuated
Mercury News | 09 November 2018

California Senate Bill No. 901 Wildfires, CHAPTER 626: Approved by Governor September 21, 2018. Filed with Secretary of State September 21, 2018
CA Legislature Info |21 September 2018
California legislature approves bill criticized as a PG&E bailout for wildfire costs
San Francisco Chronicle | 31 August 2018

Tesla Technology Has Been Revived

Truthstream Media | 09 November 2018
and a public interest story below…
Massive Tesla Tower Suddenly Appears in Field Outside Waco, TX
Gaia | 16 November 2018

Meet China’s Disturbingly Real AI News Anchor
Zero Hedge | 09 November 2018

USPTO | 08 November 2018

Deaths feared as wildfire engulfs North California town: police
Reuters | 08 November 2018

China’s “Brightest Children” Being Recruited For AI Arms Race With The U.S.
Zero Hedge | 08 November 2018

Walmart is building an AI lab inside one of its store
Tech Crunch | 08 November 2018

Tesla Names New Chairman to Replace Elon Musk
Tech Crunch | 08 November 2018

Young Adults Keep Pressing Play
Statista | 07 November 2018

Giza Death Star | 07 November 2018

Will humanity survive this century? Sir Martin Rees predicts ‘a bumpy ride’ ahead
NBC News | 08 November 2018

Scientists find ‘clear evidence’ that phone radiation causes CANCER in rats
Mirror | 07 November 2018

RAIN MAKERS China ‘will move clouds and make it rain in different places using satellites’ in terrifying weather control plan
The Sun | 07 November 2018

California Fire Current Incidents
Fire CA | November 2018

Scientists Develop Liquid Fuel That Can Store The Sun’s Energy For Up to 18 Years
Science Alert | 06 November 2018

On the Frontline: Allen Liu—the Mechanome and Synthetic Cell Development
Oscillations | 06 November 2018

Amazon reportedly plans to split new HQ between NYC and Virginia
NY Post | 05 November 2018

Amazon plans to split HQ2 evenly between two cities: WSJ
Reuters | 05 November 2018

5G and the promise of a smart home makeover
CNET | 05 November 2018

Two things everyone’s missed about Amazon’s HQ2 decision
City Observatory | 22 January 2018

Crashed Lion Air Jet Had Faulty Speed Readings on Last 4 Flights
Bloomberg | 04 November 2018

AI lie detector to question travellers entering EU
Independent | 03 November 2018

Boston Patent Law Association Announces Support for IPO-AIPLA Section 101 Legislative Fix
IP Watchdog | 02 November 2018

The Irresistible Urge to Build Cities From Scratch
Bloomberg | 02 November 2018

Lion Air Jet’s Final Plunge May Have Reached 600 Miles Per Hour
Bloomberg | 02 November 2018

First Amazon Go locations demonstrate concept’s strong appeal
Supermarket News | 02 November 2018

Tiktok surpasses Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube in downloads last month
Tech Crunch | 02 November 2018

Notorious patent enforcement entity values its entire portfolio at $2, folds
ArsTechnica | 01 November 2018

Giza Death Star | 02 November 2018

Federal Cyber Privacy Bill Calls for Fines, Prison for Executives’ Violations
Insurance Journal | 02 November 2018

How fintechs may change data security
Smart Brief | 17 October 2018

Re-posted by Popular Request
Colbeck cites health as reason to slow 5G rush

Senator Pat Colbeck| 18 March 2018

U.S. indicts Chinese, Taiwan firms for targeting Micron trade secrets
Reuters | 01 November 2018

“Clear Evidence of Cancer” from Cell Phone Radiation: U.S. National Toxicology Program Releases Final Report on Animal Study
SB Wire | 01 November 2018

AI Beats 20 Lawyers In Legal Showdown
Zero Hedge | 31 October 2018

COMMENTS OF T-MOBILE USA, INC.: Before the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Washington, DC 20554 GN Docket No. 18, RM-11791, RM-11778
ECFSAPI | 31 October 2018
In the Matter of Expanding Flexible Use of the 3.7 to 4.2 GHz Band Petition for Rulemaking to Amend and
Modernize Parts 25 and 101 of the Commission’s Rules to Authorize and Facilitate the Deployment of Licensed
Point-to-Multipoint Fixed Wireless Broadband Service in the 3.7-4.2 GHz Band. Fixed Wireless Communications Coalition, Inc., Request for Modified Coordination Procedures in Band Shared Between the Fixed Service and the Fixed Satellite Service

Bye, Google: Alternatives to Google Products (Updated)
WizCase | 06 August 2018

Schnucks to expand use of shelf-scanning robots
Supermarket News | 30 October 2018

‘Screens are Poison’: Tech Elites Keeping Devices Out of Their Children’s Schools
Insider | 30 October 2018

A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley
NY Times | 26 October 2018

Volkswagen and Mobileye team up for an autonomous ride-hailing service
Engadget | 30 October 2018

Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970, report finds
The Guardian | 30 October 2018

RLighthouse | October 2018

Beijing Daxing International Airport
Wikipedia | October 2018

UK chancellor announces 2% ‘digital services tax’ on tech giants’ revenues starting in April 2020
Tech Crunch | 29 October 2018

Sam’s Club readies new high-tech store in Dallas
Supermarket News | 29 October 2018

Same-sex couple carries same ‘miracle’ baby in what may be fertility world first
USA Today | 29 October 2018

Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future

Modern War Institute | 30 October 2018

AT&T, Samsung team up to create 5G ‘Innovation Zone’ in Austin
Physics | 27 October 2018

International Appeal 5G Space: Appeal An Emergency Appeal to the World’s Governments by Scientists, Doctors and Environmental Organizations
5g Space Appeal | October 2018

Harry Lonsdale’s Origin of Life Video Conference w/ Sutherland, Powner, Deamer, Lehman et al.
Oscillations | 26 October 2018

Search-able: What a massive database of retracted papers reveals about science publishing’s ‘death penalty’
Science Mag | 25 October 2018

Vodafone first to switch on full 5G in the UK
Media Centre | 25 October 2018

Controversial Spearpoints Could Rewrite the Story of the First Americans
Live Science | 25 October 2018

China opens mega-bridge linking Hong Kong to mainland
NBC News | 23 October 2018

Former CIA Chief Explains How Spies Use Disguises | WIRED

WIRED | 22 October 2018

Bay area city blocks 5g deployments over cancer concers
Tech Crunch | 10 September 2018

“The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” — Dr Devra Davis

The University of Melbourne | 02 December 2015

Show the Fine Print | 2015

Britain’s First 5G Court Case — And The People Won
Take Back Your Power | 24 October 2018

Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations used by Homeland Security and the US Defense Department to simulate crises on the US mainland
Wikipedia | 2018

Tesla Model S Being Stolen

Antony Kennedy | 21 October 2018

Tell Congress Not to Make the Register of Copyrights a Presidential Pawn
EFF | 09 October 2018

Deepfakes: The Dawn of the Post-Truth Era
Shelly Palmer | 21 October 2018

NSA Finalizes $6.7 Billion in Classified Tech Contracts
Next Gov | 19 October 2018

Laying the foundation for success in the connected-building era
McKinsey | October 2018

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos ranks No. 1 among S&P 500 CEOs in political spending
Market Watch | 19 October 2018

Video: Dr Martin Pall The Health Safety Security & Privacy Implications of Smart Meters 5G and WIFI
Health Harmonic | 18 October 2018

Their Population Control Agenda Is Working – The Birth Rate In the United States Has Fallen To Another All-Time Record Low
Infowars | 18 October 2018

Trump blames wildfires on California forest policy and threatens to withhold funds from state
LA Times | 17 October 2018

2017: Al Gore’s Climate Change Hypocrisy Is As Big As His Energy-Sucking Mansion
Investors | 03 August 2017

Is 5G and Smart Meter Technology Safe? Conference
Note: Sheffeld tree cutting program is at 2 hour, 25 mininute mark for
Jason Liosatos Outside The Box | 07 September 2018

Giza Death Star | 16 October 2018

Tech Tracker: Flippy the burger robot moonlights as fry cook
NRN | 16 October 2018

Facebook Deletes Disabled Veteran’s Page Without Warning — After Taking $300,000 for Ads
Breitbart | 16 October 2018

Boston Dynamics Tries To Calm Fears Over Robot Uprising With Twerking Robo-Dog
Zero Hedge | 16 October 2018

US Air Force’s F-22, F-35 stealth fighters devastated by mother nature and freak accidents
Business Insider | 15 October 2018

As companies embrace AI, it’s a job-seeker’s market
Reuters | 15 October 2018

California’s Woolsey Fire Burns Near Site of Nuclear Meltdown, Sparking Panic
Vice | 14 November 2018

Warning! Civilization at Risk, Crisis by 2040 (And Other Nonsensical Climate BS)
Mishtalk | 14 October 2018

Hurricane Cost May Skyrocket As Billions In Stealth Fighter Jets Unaccounted For; Tyndall AFB “Complete Loss
Zero Hedge | 14 October 2018

Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream

Truthstream Media| 14 October 2018
Human 2.0 Is Coming Faster Than You Think. Will You Evolve With The Times?
Forbes | 01 October 2018

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EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION: Need Armed Security Volunteers for Small Town in FL Panhandle
Oathkeepers | 13 October 2018
Oathkeepers | 13 October 2018

Hundreds of survivors found but toll from Michael seen rising
Reuters | 13 October 2018

Facebook Purge: Here is The List Of Pages Deleted by Facebook
Western Journal | 13 October 2018

Exclusive: U.S. senators urge India to soften data localisation stance
Reuters India | 13 October 2018

An 11-year-old changed election results on a replica Florida state website in under 10 minutes
PBS | 12 October 2018

Why the Social Security number needs a digital update
Fifth Domain | 12 October 2018

Exclusive: Facebook stops blocking marijuana search results ahead of Canadian legalization
Market Watch | 12 October 2018

Hologram of Amy Winehouse set for 2019 worldwide tour
The Guardian | 12 October 2018

Hurricane Michael: everything you need to know on the record-breaking storm
The Guardian | 11 October 2018

Ancestry Sites Could Soon Expose Nearly Anyone’s Identity, Researchers Say
Gizmodo | 11 October 2018

Gravitational collapse of Mount Etna’s southeastern flank
Science Mag | 10 October 2018

Derrick Broze Educates Houston City Council on 5G Tech
The Conscious Resistance | 10 October 2018

Amazon pay raise backlash forces retailer to also boost what longtime workers get
CBS News | 10 October 2018

The terrifying robot snake that can scale ladders, swim underwater and slither down a pipe
Daily Mail | 10 October 2018

Hurricane Michael
The Guardian | 10 October 2018

32-Legged Spherical Robot Moves Like an Amoeba
IEEE Spectrum | 10 October 2018

New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom
Bloomberg | 10 October 2018

At Least Three Dead After Powerful Quake Strikes Near Bali, Indonesia
Bloomberg | 10 October 2018

Russian Scientists Discover Bacteria that Neutralizes Nuclear Waste
Geopolitics | 09 October 2018

America’s first autonomous robot farm replaces humans with ‘incredibly intelligent’ machines
The Guardian | 09 October 2018

Break up Amazon before it does any more damage to America
NY Post | 09 October 2018

CRISPR Editing Heads Off Disease in Mouse Livers
The Scientist | 09 October 2018

Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women
Reuters | 09 October 2018

Microsoft Announces ‘Secret’ Cloud Capability, Closes In on Amazon (JEDI)
Defense One | 09 October 2018

Tracking Hurricane Michael: Outlook for October 9, 2018 (Afternoon)

Fox News | 09 October 2018

Sophos boosts SMB security with AI-powered Intercept X launch
Tech Radar | 09 October 2018

New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom
Bloomberg | 09 October 2018

FAS and FBI launch bioagents education app
Federation of American Scientists | 08 October 2018

Tesla Model 3 Is #1 Top Selling American Car In USA
Clean Technica | 08 October 2018

China’s Dystopian Social Credit System
Cryptogon | 08 October 2018

What’s Next For Europe’s Internet Censorship Plan?
EFF | 07 October 2018

We Have a Decade to Prevent a Total Climate Disaster
Gizmodo | 07 October 2018

Hurricane Sergio Path, Forecast Update: Predicted to Track Across U.S. Southwest, Where Rosa Flooding Occurred
Newsweek | 06 October 2018

Silicon Valley congressman Ro Khanna explains his ‘internet bill of rights’
Recode | 06 October 2018

Artificial Intelligence: Mankind’s Last Invention

Aperture | 05 October 2018

DARPA Is Making Insects That Can Deliver Bioweapons
Cryptogon | 04 October 2018

IBM Wins Patent for Blockchain-Based Network Security System
Coin Desk | 03 October 2018

‘AI Superpowers’: A Conversation With Kai-Fu Lee
Asia Society | 02 October 2018
Book Review: AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley & the New World Order by Kai-Fu Lee
Solari | 30 September 2018

Alex Jones: ‘Tim Cook is the Most Dangerous Living Person on this Planet’
Infowars | 06 October 2018

Members Only: Hidden Elites, Analogical Calculus, and Social Engineering in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Novels
Guiza Death Star | 07 January 2012

Former Google boss launches scathing Silicon Valley attack urging tech giants to end the delusion that it’s making the world a better place
Daily Mail | 05 October 2018

Winged Genius at Christie’s, Wall Euphoria at Çatalhöyük: Revisiting Conversation with Ian Hodder
Oscillations | 05 October 2018

Dr. Sharon Goldberg Testifies at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018

Michigan Safe Technology | 04 October 2018

NZ to fine travellers who refuse to hand over phone passwords at border
News AU | 04 October 2018

The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies
Bloomberg | 04 October 2018

Explosive Report Details Chinese Infiltration Of Apple, Amazon And The CIA
Zero Hedge | 04 October 2018

Didn’t get the Presidential Alert test message? You’re not alone
KRTV | 04 October 2018

‘Wake up people!’: Cyber expert McAfee warns of US govt ‘spying’ through presidential alert texts
RT | 04 October 2018

China Is Developing Space Lasers To Detect Submarines 1,640 Feet Underwater
Zero Hedge | 04 October 2018

Edward Snowden questions ‘Presidential Alert’ test: ‘How else might it be used?’
Washington Times | 04 October 2018

Volcano erupts on Indonesia’s Sulawesi days after fatal quake & tsunami (PHOTOS)
RT | 03 October 2018

Cities will sue FCC to stop $2 billion giveaway to wireless carriers
Arstechnica | 03 October 2018

Fight for the Future statement on big telecoms suing to block California net neutrality bill
Fight for the Future | 03 October 2018
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Fight for the Future: Grassroots lobbying campaigns aimed at Congress, Fight for the Future is a 501(c)4
Fight for the Future | October 2018

California just became the fourth U.S. state to pass a net neutrality law, with strong cross-party support.
EFF | 02 October 2018

‘Wake up people!’: Cyber expert McAfee warns of US govt ‘spying’ through presidential alert texts
RT | 04 October 2018

Verizon turns on the world’s first 5G network
Tech Radar | 01 October 2018

FCC’s Unconstitutional Power Grab: 5G Microwave Radiation To Blanket the United States?
TBYP | 01 October 2018
Senator Patrick Colbeck Testifies Against 5G: Hearing 2018

Environmental Health Trust | 01 October 2018
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Kavanaugh withdraws from teaching at Harvard Law this winter, as graduates gather signatures objecting to his role
Washington Post | 01 October 2018

Will Apple Become A Major Player In The Streaming Market?
Forbes | 01 October 2018

California’s net neutrality law sparks Justice Department lawsuit
CNET | 01 October 2018

Humanoid construction robot installs drywall by itself
Engadget | 01 October 2018

10 Most Unusual Vehicles
THE MAGNUM | 29 September 2018

Bay Area city blocks 5g deployments over cancer concerns
Tech Crunch | 10 Spetember 2018

Small business servers: Why and how you can say ‘no’ to the cloud
ZDNet | 10 September 2018

Request for Express Abandonment: SSP (Secret Space Program)
USPTO | 04 September 2018

ep 7 – SuperDads – Dr. Jack Kruse, neurosurgeon – understanding how nnEMF is child abuse

James Lech | 23 July 2018

Cal Phoenix Re wildfire cat bond launched at $200m for PG&E Corp.
Artemis | 11 July 2018

Nobel Laureate in Physics; “Global Warming is Pseudoscience”

1000frolly | 17 December 2015

Bizarre Particles Keep Flying out of Antarctica’s Ice, and They Might Shatter Modern Physics
Scientific American | 29 September 2018

Scientists Want to Turn Consciousness On and Off Like a Light Switch

Truthstream Media | 20 September 2018

Electric flying taxi economy is here. Jobs!
KevBot Report | 17 September 2018

Nearly third of Earth’s surface must be protected to prevent mass extinction, warn leading scientists
Independent | 13 September 2018

China, Russia, and the US Are All Building Centers for Military AI
Defense One | 11 July 2018

Meet The Desk-Sized Turbine That Can Power A Small Town
Science Vibe | 27 April 2018

Our Wireless Tech Is Unsafe, and These 5 US Government Agencies Have Tried to Warn Us
Tack Back Your Power | 23 September 2018
Agencies that warned…

Gov. Brown signs bill allowing utility companies to move fire-related costs to customers
Fox 5 San Diego | 21 September 2018

Rapid-onset gender dysphoria in adolescents and young adults: A study of parental reports
Plos | ​16 August 2018

The Race of Our Lives Revisited:It was always going to be difficult for us – Homo sapiens – to deal with the long-term, slow-burning problems that threaten us today: climate change, population growth, increasing environmental toxicity, and the impact of all these three on the future ability to feed the 11 billion people projected for 2100.
Jeremy Grantham GMO | August 2018
Jeremy Grantham

‘Forget the Facebook leak’: China is mining data directly from workers’ brains on an industrial scale
SCMP | July 2018

5G New Horizons Wireless Symposium will bring together experts from leading global associations from around the world to discuss the current status and progress of 5G at Austin
5gnewhorizons | May 2018

Remarks of Assistant Secretary Redl at Satellite 2018
NTIA | 14 March 2018

Defense Against the Dark Arts of Copyright Trolling
Papers SSRN | Revised 09 March 2018

SEC Enforces Identity Theft Red Flags Rule for the First Time: What it Means for Texas Businesses
The Texas Lawbook | 2018

The PLA’s Potential Breakthrough in High-Power Microwave Weapons
The Diplomat | 11 March 2017

Get Ready for High-Frequency Lawyers
Bloomberg | 10 May 2016

Species of Mushroom: Human-Shaped Fungus Grows in England
Gizmodo | 04 April 2015

The Reason for Everything: Nano technology and chem trails
Data Asylum | 03 February 2014

Video 1
Ken Williams | 20 April 2016

2016: Nothing is real: How German scientists control Putin’s face

Quartz | 06 April 2016

Is Amazon Actually Giving You the Best Price?
Wikibuy | 2018
Is Wikibuy Legit?
Quora | 2016

Hacking Team: Non-Lethal Weapons Market Report 2015-2025
Wikileaks | 23 May 2015

Quantum positioning system steps in when GPS fails
New Scientist | 14 May 2014

It’s Not Magic On The Mountain, It’s A Rain-Making Machine
NPR | 09 January 2014

2010: Bill Gates Announces Funding for Seawater-Spraying Cloud Machines
Inhabitat | 10 May 2010

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