Science & Technology – Week of 05.07.17

British IT Expert,How He Stopped the Global Cyber Attack as He Warns He is Already Fighting Hackers Trying to Unleash a NEW Threat
Daily Mail | 13 May 2017
Lives with his parents…

Leaked NSA Malware Is Helping Hijack Computers Around the World
Intercept | 12 May 2017
Ongoing WannaCry attack appears to…

Dozens of Countries Hit by Huge Cyberextortion Attack
AP | 13 May 2017
Hospitals forced to…

Crowdfunded Star Citizen Raises over $148 Million, but Release Date has been Postponed Indefinitely
Tech Spot | 11 May 2017
Open development…

Tesla’s Solar Roof Pricing Is Cheap Enough to Catch Fire
Bloomberg | 10 May 2017
Better than…

Local: Creator of Apple’s Touch ID Tech Develops A Connected-Life App For Seniors
Forbes | 24 April 2017
Inspiration…New uses…

Local: KPIT Technologies (Buses), Promising Transport Innovation Award 2016
Gadgets Now | 18 May 2016
Existing diesel buses into full…50,000 being added every year…

Local: Senior Walk-ability: Bangladesh-born Canadian Researcher Wins Global Award:
Migration News | 12 May 2016/span>
Walk-able neighborhoods are increasingly…

In Record-breaking Weekend, Germany got 85% of its Electricity from Renewables
Digital Trends | 10 May 2017

Testing Of 5G Wi-Fi Troubles Cows. Should We Be Concerned Too?
Let’s Raise Awareness| 17 February 2017
Kingsmen Tech Roll Out…

Secret Space Program Spooks: Whistleblower #Fail! Dark Journalist & Bill Ryan

Dark Journalist | 05 May 2017
Deep State Dis-Info on Parade…

Unmanned U.S. Air Force Space Plane Lands After Secret,Ttwo-Year Mission
Reuters | 08 May 2017
No SPAM in this Can…

Artificial Womb Created
JP Farrel | 07 May 2017
Shades of Mary Shelley