Science & Technology – 2nd Quarter 2018

S Postal Service wants you to smell its new stamps
CNET | 28 June 2018

Is Blockchain Replacing the SIM Card?
Investopedia | 27 June 2018

Surveillance Issues | June 2018

Alibaba’s Ant Financial Just Launched a Blockchain-based Remittance Service
Fortune | 26 June 2018

Moi University, School of Medicine gets mentioned in the Wall Street Journal:
Global DNA Collection Kicks Off in Africa, Aiming to Decode Psychiatric Disease

Moi University | 26 June 2018

Best Smart Benches
City OS | June 2018

The Wiretap Rooms: The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities
The Intercept | 25 June 2018

Precision forestry: A revolution in the woods
McKinsey | June 2018

Ex-Microsoft CEO Ballmer: How Silicon Valley should handle some of its most vexing questions
Yahoo | 22 June 2018
Somebody’s got to decide…

The AT&T–Time Warner Merger Is Already What the Government Feared
New Republic | 22 June 2018

German team to develop airborne wind energy system
Renewables Now | 22 June 2018

Podcast: Bird’s Song Staying Power Implies Culture
Scientific American | 22 June 2018

Social Media Giants Choking Independent News Site Traffic to a Trickle
Mint Press News | 21 June 2018

AT&T Trickery Helps Kill California’s Looming Net Neutrality Law
Motherboard | 21 June 2018

How China’s Economic Aggression Threatens the Technologies and Intellectual Property of the United States and the World
White House | June 2018

It Turns out All Kinds of Tech Companies Are Working With ICE
Gizmodo | 20 June 2018

Thrip: Espionage Group Hits Satellite, Telecoms, and Defense Companies
Symantec | 19 June 2018

Alleged WikiLeaks source who helped expose CIA hacking tricks faces 135 years in prison
RT | 19 June 2018

“Delete Your Account” Warns Virtual Reality Founding Father
Zero Hedge | 19 June 2018

China’s social credit system spreads to more daily transactions
Brookings | 18 June 2018

Elon Musk emails employees about ‘extensive and damaging sabotage’ by employee
CNBC | 18 June 2018

Bilderberg and the Digital New World Order
Forbidden Knowledge TR | 17 June 2018

Briefing on the Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals (STI Forum 2018)
UN | June 2018

Jaron Lanier Interview on How Social Media Ruins Your Life

Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life

Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life

YouTube | 15 June 2018

Japan to cap plutonium stockpile to allay U.S. concerns
Asahi Shimbun | 17 June 2018

The Artilect War: Cosmists vs. Terrans, A Bitter Controversy Concerning Whether Humanity should Build Godlike Massively Intelligent Machines
AGI |2008

Now In Effect: Michigan Bans “Material Support or Resources” for Warrantless Federal Surveillance
Tenth Amendment Center | 17 June 2018

Air Force Academy taps AT&T to stay up on emerging tech
FCW | 08 June 2018

Pentagon Policy Bars Marines from Using New Infantry Quadcopters
Military | 15 June 2018

The seed that could bring clean water to millions
Physics | 15 June 2018

Congress can still save net neutrality
Battle for the Net | June 2018

What AT&T Gets for $85 Billion
Statista | 14 June 2018

Huawei faces 5G veto amid national security concerns
Financial Review | 13 June 2018

Comcast makes $65 billion offer to steal 21st Century Fox away from Disney
The Verge | 13 June 2018

Bank of Chile Hit by $10 Million Cyber Heist Using SWIFT Messaging System
Insurance Journal | 12 June 2018

FANG Insiders Selling Their Stocks Faster Than Any Time In History
Zero Hedge | 12 June 2018

10,000 jobs could be lost to robots says Citi
Finextra | 12 June 2018

Netflix and Alphabet will need to become ISPs, fast
Tech Crunch | 12 June 2018

Mechanobiology — Tour de Force
Oscillations | 12 June 2018

Real-world AI:Unsure where or how AI applies to your company? McKinsey Global Institute found over 400 real-life examples where AI can improve longstanding business challenges.
McKinsey | January 2018

Google’s AI Rules Show DOD’s Commercial Tech Difficulties
Law 360 | 13 June 2018
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U.S. Intelligence Community Wants To Use DNA For Data Storage
Activist Post | 13 June 2018

Weather Geoengineering Update: What’s Going On
Activist Post | 13 June 2018

Congress moves to ban child sex robots favored by pedophiles
Fresno Bee | 13 June 2018

Shake Shack Launches Order Kiosks To Eliminate Minimum Wage Workers
Zero Hedge | 13 June 2018

ITIF Claims Police Use Of Amazon Rekognition Is “Patriotic”
Activist Post | 12 June 2018

70+ Internet Luminaries Ring the Alarm on EU Copyright Filtering Proposal
Electronic Frontier Foundation | 12 June 2018

Article 13 Open letter – Monitoring and Filtering of Internet Content is Unacceptable
Liberties EU | 16 December 2017

AT&T Defeats DOJ In Merger Fight, Opening The Door To Some Major Competitive Headaches
Tech Dirty | 12 June 2018

Here’s What to Watch in the AT&T-Time Warner Ruling (Video)
Bloomberg | 12 June 2018

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What to Watch for in an Internet Without Net Neutrality (And How To Stop It)
EFF | 11 June 2018

End of Memes: Censorship, War on Whistleblowers, Journalists, Corporatist Globalist Fascists, Robots, Slavery
Forbidden Knowledge TV | 10 June 2018

Elon Musk – Artificial Intelligence, Neuralink & New Forms of Government on Mars

Elon Musk - Artificial Intelligence, Neuralink & New Forms of Government on Mars

Elon Musk – Artificial Intelligence, Neuralink & New Forms of Government on Mars

YouTube | 11 March 2018
Informs AI 2nd Quarter…

Morgan Stanley: The Tech Bubble “Can Burst At Any Moment, Without Warning”
Zero Hedge | 10 June 2018

The list of oil companies that met with the Pope about climate change has some big names missing
Quartz | 10 June 2018

Hawaii volcano eruption: Mysterious freezing rain STUNS scientists after lava explosion
Express UK | 09 June 2018

How about a U.S. Space Guard? • DoD steps up AI push amid Google firestorm • DARPA lays groundwork for military LEO constellation
Space News | 06 June 2018

Michigan House Energy Committee 052918 2nd Half Morning Session

Michigan House Energy Committee 052918 2nd half morning session

Michigan House Energy Committee 052918 2nd half morning session

YouTube | 04 June 2018
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Captured Agency How the Federal Communications Commission Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates
Harvard Edu | 2015

Austrian court says YouTube is partly liable for copyright breaches
The Local Austria | 07 June 2018

Is the AT&T-Time Warner Merger in Trouble?
Yahoo | 07 June 2018

Confirmed: ZTE to reopen after $1 billion fine, new leadership [Updated]
Arstechnica | 07 June 2018

Billions in U.S. solar projects shelved after Trump panel tariff
Reuters | 07 June 2018

Breakingviews – Telco rules expose EU’s fake digital single market
Reuters | 06 June 2018

The odd reality of life under China’s all-seeing credit score system
Wired | 05 June 2018

Facebook confirms data sharing with Chinese companies
Reuters | 05 June 2018

How Much Caffeine Do You Need? Ask the Army’s New Algorithm
Defense One | 05 June 2018

EU court says Facebook fan page operator also responsible for protecting visitors’ data
RT | 05 June 2018

Las Vegas casino workers prep for strike over automation: ‘Robots can’t beat us’
The Guardian | 03 June 2018

Read the book:The Community Resilience Reader
Resilience | June 2018
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Colo. Enacts ‘Groundbreaking’ Data Breach Disclosure Law and Archives: Data Breach Notification Laws
Data Privacy Monitor | 31 May 2018

Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time
Tech Times | 30 May 2018

The roll out of 5G wireless service is ‘a massive health experiment,’ public health expert warns as cell companies install 800,000 towers across the US
Daily Mail | 29 May 2018

2015: EPA Permits Unlimited Use of Toxic Coal Fly Ash in Chemical Geoengineering Operations
State of the Nation | 17 August 2015

Deadly Ultraviolet UV-C and UV-B Penetration to Earth’s Surface:Human and Environmental Health Implications
Journal Repository | 28 March 2018

An Open Letter to Members of AGU, EGU, and IPCC Alleging Promotion of Fake Science at the Expense of Human and Environmental Health and Comments on AGU Draft Geoengineering Position Statement
Nuclear Planet | 03 September 2017

Investors have $11 billion riding against Tesla as its annual meeting kicks off
Business Insider | 05 June 2018

Guatemala volcano explodes again, evacuations ordered
Reuters | 05 June 2018

Earth’s Crust In Turmoil – All-Time Record 500 Earthquakes Hit The Big Island As Rivers Of Lava Pour Out Of Volcanoes In Hawaii And Guatemala
Infowars | 04 June 2018

Malaysia Air 370: Death Threats Against Australian Researcher
Giza Death Star | 04 June 2018

Kilauea’s magnetic field points in opposite direction
Ice Age Now | 04 June 2018

Volcano lava river runs into Guatemala village, several killed
Yahoo | 03 June 2018

The US Navy Is Developing Mothership Drones for Coastal Defense
Defense One | 01 June 2018

Microsoft has been talking about buying GitHub, a startup at the center of the software world last valued at $2 billion
Business Insider | 01 June 2018

Google Abandons Pentagon’s AI-Drone ‘Project Maven’ After Employee Revolt
Zero Hedge | 01 June 2018

Human society isn’t ready for artificial intelligence
Financial Review | 01 June 2018

Who Has Your Back? Censorship Edition 2018
Electronic Frontier Foundation | 31 May 2018

Opinion: Corporate apologies will ring hollow until law is changed
Mercury News | 30 May 2018

California Senate defies AT&T, votes for strict net neutrality rules
Arstechnica | 30 May 2018

Wine Country institution Terra to close after 30 years in St. Helena
San Francisco Chronicle| 29 May 2018

A trip to the ER with your phone may mean injury lawyer ads for weeks
Arstechnica | 29 March 2018

Baltimore And Atlanta Get Hacked
Payments | 29 May 2018

b-Grown Human-Chicken Hybrid Embryos Are No ‘Frankenfowl’
Live Science | 29 May 2018

Elana Freeland Live Presentation Santa Cruze, CA. June 20, 2018
5G, Geoengineering, & You

EU proposes ban on straws and other single-use plastics
BBC | 28 May 2018

Vermont passes first law to crack down on data brokers
Tech Crunch | 27 May 2018

Feds Building Giant Surveillance Network on America’s Transportation System with State and Local Help
Tenth Amendment Center | 26 May 2018
Partnerships with state and local governments, along with private…

The West is ill-prepared for the wave of “deep fakes” that artificial intelligence could unleash
Brookings | 25 May 2018

Aboriginal settlement in Australia was no accident
JCU Edu | May 2018

Refdesk: A free and family friendly web site indexing and reviewing quality, credible, and current Internet reference resources
REF Desk | May 2018

Watch Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot evolve from a stagger to a sprint
Digital Trends | 27 May 2018

Best 13 Sites Like Amazon: Free Shipping, Better Deals, and More
Tech Boomers | 26 May 2018

Amazon urged not to sell facial recognition tool to police
Chronicle| 24 May 2018

Exclusive: U.S. bill would force tech companies to disclose foreign software probes
Reuters | 24 May 2018

Robot submarine finds “holy grail of shipwrecks” with up to $17 billion in treasure
CBS News | 23 May 2018

NY Schools to Install Facial Recognition Tech Used by Police and Military
Activist Post | 23 May 2018

America is losing the battle against robocalls
The Economist | 23 May 2018

I wish mum’s phone was never invented
BBC | 23 May 2018

Dying Californian takes Monsanto to court for hiding cancer-causing effect of Roundup weedkiller
RT | 23 May 2018

No one’s ready for GDPR
The Verge | 22 May 2018

Email Is Dangerous
The Atlantic | 21 May 2018

New DARPA Program Plans To Patrol Cities With AI Drones
Zero Hedge | 21 May 2018

Arizona prepares for statewide drill to practice how it would respond to a migration of 400,000 people in case of a catastrophic California earthquake
Daily Mail | 21 May 2018

Quantum Physics May Be Even Spookier Than You Think
Scientific American | 21 May 2018

AT&T to open a 5G lab in Austin this spring to aid in launch of 5G mobile network
Community Impact | 21 February 2018

Would You Know A Small Cell Tower If You Saw One? Hundreds of Thousands Have Already Been Installed. Millions More Are On Their Way…
Activist Post | 18 May 2018

Antenna Search
Antenna Search | 2018

L3 Nets $392 Night-Vision Goggle Contract With DOD
Law360 | 17 May 2018

Kilauea blows! Photos from Thursday’s explosive eruption
SF Gate | 17 May 2018

Congo receives first doses of Ebola vaccine amid outbreak
Reuters | 16 May 2018

Here’s the Name of Every Senator Who Voted Against Net Neutrality—and When to Vote Them Out
Gizmodo | 16 May 2018

AT&T Customers Can’t Accelerate NSA Docs Hearing
Law360 | 16 May 2018

2015: AT&T and the government have been ‘friends’ for a really long time
Fortune | 18 May 2015

Apply for the First Ever Immersion Program and OSE Fellowship Immersion Training – 5 Weeks – August 25-September 30, 2018
Open source Ecology | May 2018

Email No Longer a Secure Method of Communication After Critical Flaw Discovered in PGP
Gizmodo | 14 May 2018

Science news: Octopuses came to Earth from space as frozen eggs millions of years ago
Expess UK | 14 May 2018

The Toxic Home Transformation Summit is online and FREE from June 25 – July 1, 2018
The Toxic Home Transformation | May 2018

Volcano Watch: It’s an extraordinary time on Kilauea Volcano
Hawaii Tribune Herald | 13 May 2018

NSW drivers will be first in Australia to start using a digital license
News AU | 13 May 2018

Protesters demand Russia stop blocking Telegram messenger app
Reuters | 13 May 2018

Trash is piling up in Europe as China refuses imports
Sidney Morning Herald | 12 May 2018

How silent signals from your phone could be recording and tracking you
News AU| 11 May 2018

Boston Dynamics Unveils “Terrifying” Robot That Can Run, Jump And Climb
Zero Hedge | 11 May 2018

China Builds Warning System To Detect Earthquakes 3 Weeks In Advance
Zero Hedge | 11 May 2018

China has stopped accepting recycling from other nations — and that’s a problem
Mother Nature Network | 20 April 2018

Red Alert for Net Neutrality!
Battle for the Net | May 2018
Senate is about to vote on a resolution to overrule them

AT&T continues fighting to declaw the agency they claim will police consumer protections
Daily Kos | 11 May 2018

Artificial Intelligence for the American People
Whitehouse | 10 May 2018

Red Alert for Net Neutrality! by Fight for the Future
Fight for the Future | May 2018
Red Alert for Net Neutrality protests continue as Senate vote approaches…

USGS: Latest Earthquakes
Earthquake USGS | May 2018
Seven days all magnitudes and you can adjust the pop up instruction upon opening this link

The White House has set up a task force to help further the country’s AI development
The Verge | 10 May 2018

Google Grapples With ‘Horrifying’ Reaction to Uncanny AI Tech
Bloomberg | 10 2018

Amazon’s Alexa will be built into all new homes from Lennar
USA Toay | 09 May 2018

One Simple Chart Shows Why an Energy Revolution is Coming — and Who is likely to Come Out on Top
Business Insider | 08 May 2018

AI is so Important to Google it’s Rebranding its Research Division
The Verge | 08 May 2018

California Becomes First State to Mandate Solar on New Homes
Bloomberg | 09 May 2018

All new homes in California may soon have solar panels
Quartz | 08 May 2018
Giant electricity bank for…

AT&T confirms it paid Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s company for ‘insights’ into administration
Market Watch | 08 May 2018
and next article…

Ticketmaster to trial facial recognition technology at live venues
Venture Beat | 04 May 2018

AT&T Eager to Quietly Get Trump’s DOJ to Sign Off on Time Warner Deal
The Street | 24 October 2017
Groups Release Specific Guidelines Addressing Shoddy, Opaque Private Censorship…

EFF and Coalition Partners Push Tech Companies To Be More Transparent and Accountable About Censoring User Content
EFF | 07 May 2018
and below the text of the Santa Clara Principles…

The Santa Clara Principles on Transparency and Accountability in Content Moderation
New America Dot Org | 2018
Relates to article above…

Best Cell-Phone Companies: Is Bigger Better?
Consumer Reports | 15 December 2017
Just like last year, Sprint and AT&T were at the bottom of…

U.S. Justice Department urges judge to block AT&T-Time Warner merger
Reuters | 22 March 2018

Tripling Its Collection, NSA Sucked Up Over 530 Million US Phone Records in 2017
Common Dreams | 05 May 2018

Ticketmaster to trial facial recognition technology at live venues
Venture Beat | 04 May 2018

EBAY: Support Fair Tax Policy For US Sellers & Buyers
EBAY Mainstreet | May 2018
Related story below…

Could robots be counselors? Early research shows positive user experience
Science Daily | 03 May 2018

Supreme Court could decide fate of online shoppers’ sales tax free ride
Chicago Tribune | 15 April 2018

Xponential 2018: Fort Benning to become the ‘Robotic Centre of the Universe’
Janes | 04 May 2018

Entanglement Experiments go Beyound the Quantum Scale
Giza Death Star | 04 May 2018

Why Microsoft Has Switched Its Focus to Linux
Market Realist | 04 May 2018

Wealthy’s use of private firefighters ignites debate in wildfire country
NBC News | 04 May 2018

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano jolts with lava, quakes and gas
Stripes | 04 May 2018

Onward! Into Holographic Noise–A Chat with Fermilab’s Craig Hogan
Oscillations | 03 May 2018

Exchanges pull certain Chinese cellphones, other devices over security concerns
Military Times | 02 May 2018

New Mexico Keeps Smart Meters Out
Scientists 4 Wired Tech | 11 April 2018

NM Smart Meter: Final Decision, 4-11-18
Smart Meter Harm | 11 April 2018

Breaking: New Mexico rejects PNM Smart Meter proposal — “it does not promote the public interest”
Smart Meter Harm | 11 April 2018
Documentation links…

China’s Biggest Tech Unicorns Stampede to Go Public
Yahoo | 01 May 2018

Net Neutrality Is Society’s Net Gain
Law Blog | 05 July 2016

Why should I use DuckDuckGo instead of Google?
Quora | 24 March 2018

2004 White Paper:Can the Spam, Preserve the Ham
Electronic Frontier Foundation | 12 November 2004
Describes the problem, and has some resources…

Elderly sex robot fanatic claims daily romps with his FIVE DOLLS improved his love life
Daily Star | 01 May 2018

‘Forget the Facebook leak’: China is mining data directly from workers’ brains on an industrial scale
South China | 29 April 2018

T-Mobile to Buy Sprint for $26.5 Billion in Bet on Networks
Bloomberg | 29 April 2018

Interview 1356 – Ray Vahey Presents BitChute
Corbett Report | 23 April 2018

ASX blockchain to go live at end of 2020
Financial Review | 27 April 2018

Bill Gates Backs Plan To Surveil The Entire Planet From Space
Gizmodo | 23 April 2018
and next story…

Cosmic Eye (Original HD Portrait Version 2011) (Google Headquarters to Space)
YouTube | 12 April 2016

Latest Solari Donation
No Net Neutrality is Not Dead: Fight for the Future
Fight for the Future | April 2018

California net neutrality bill sails through Judiciary hearing
Fight for the Future | April 2018

Artificial Intelligence and National Security
Daniel S. Hoadley US Air Force Fellow Nathan J. Lucas Section Research Manager

Space News | 26 April 2018

What’s Wrong with the Internet
Armstrong Economics | 23 April 2018

Ex-Facebook Executive: “You Don’t Realize It But You Are Being Programmed”
Medium | 23 April 2018

Nonprofit aims to keep Internet free as net neutrality rules die
NY Post | 23 April 2018

Ten Fold – The Real Thing



YouTube | 22 April 2018

Christina Aguilera Stars as Sex Robot Prostitute in Movie ‘Zoe’
Breitbart | 20 April 2018

You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth

You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth

You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth

YouTube | 20 April 2018
Roughly the same amount of dopamine as you’re getting from cocaine

Half the B-2 fleet was flying above Minneapolis, and here’s why
Defense News | 20 April 2018

Outsourced in 2013: Employee Sends Own Job To China; Surfs Web
NPR | 16 January 2013

U.S. said to investigate AT&T, Verizon over wireless collusion claim: source
Reuters | 20 April 2018

Hyper-realistic robot that is ’indistinguishable from humans’ startles punters at a London pub by smashing a glass while talking about a machine invasion
Daily Mail | 19 April 2018

Pentagon preps $8 billion cloud contract that’s not JEDI
Fed Scoop | 18 April 2018

LISTEN: Southwest Pilot Coolly Plans One-Engine, Emergency Landing
NPR | 18 April 2018
Southwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults…

Exclusive: Facebook to put 1.5 billion users out of reach of new EU privacy law
Reuters | 18 April 2018

Bill Gates Backs Plan for Earth-Monitoring Cameras
PC Magazine | 19 April 2018

Bill Gates backs a $1 billion plan to cover Earth in ‘Big Brother’ satellites capable of streaming ‘live and unfiltered’ HD footage of the planet
Daily Mail | 19 April 2018

A new satellite project to livestream the Earth says it’s backed by SoftBank, Airbus and Bill Gates
CNBC | 18 April 2018

Airbus, Bill Gates and others back Bellevue-based video imaging satellite venture
Seattle Times | 18 April 2018

Los Angeles Dishing Out $40,000-a-Mile Street Coating to Fight Climate Change
Breitbart | 17 April 2018

For the first time ever, Microsoft will distribute its own version of Linux (MSFT)
Yahoo | 16 April 2018

AT&T and cable lobby are terrified of a California net neutrality bill
ARStechnica | 16 April 2018

Latest Solari Donation
Net Neutrality Billboards Project: Let’s Hold Corrupt Politicians Accountable
Fight for the Future | April 2018

Pentagon Spending on Tech May Peak at $46.4B in 2019
Bloomberg Gov | 13 April 2018

The Internet Must Go – 2013
Top Documentary Films | 2013

Here’s How Much Facebook Donated to Every Lawmaker Questioning Mark Zuckerberg
Information Clearing House | 11 April 2018

Have Created a Shadow NSA
Electronic Harassment Research Forum | 27 May 2015
Background from 2015…

Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Internet privacy bill gaining support after Facebook scandal
Tennessean | 11 April 2018

Why did Microsoft buy Canonical from Ubuntu? Can it not have a competitor? If it can be called that way, they really want to dominate the market. Will they be development friends, or is it just another way to deal with the issue?
Quora | 05 April 2018

Americans could pay an extra $571 million a year for TV if AT&T buys Time Warner, government witness testifies
LA Times | 11 April 2018

Practical passwordless authentication comes a step closer with WebAuthn
ARS Techinica | 10 April 2018

What We’ve Learned So Far From the AT&T-Time Warner Antitrust Trial
Variety | 10 April 2018

Mark Zuckerberg: ‘Optimistic’ AI tools to flag, remove hate speech on Facebook will be developed in 5-10 years
Washington Examiner | 10 April 2018

Which States Have Net Neutrality Laws?
Motherboard Vice | 09 April 2018

Oregon finalizes net neutrality law despite likelihood that ISPs will sue
Arstechnica | 09 April 2018 ​​
A lobby group that represents AT&T…

Amazon spent nearly $23 billion on R&D last year — more than any other U.S. company
Recode | 09 April 2018

Japanese blockchain engineers in huge demand
Asia Times | 09 April 2018

Facebook deems Diamond & Silk as “Unsafe”
YouTube | 08 April 2018

Robots Replace Soldiers in First Breaching Exercise of its Kind
Military | 08 April 2018

How to keep your ISP’s nose out of your browser history with encrypted DNS
Arstechnica | 08 April 2018

There’s A Facebook Alternative, It’s Called Self-Sovereign Identity
Coin Desk | 06 April 2018

Recommendation to Our Subscribers on Your E-mail Provider
Solari | 03 April 2018

AI Researchers Boycott South Korean University Over Plan To Build “Killer Robots”
Zero Hedge | 06 April 2018

Intelligence-augmentation device lets users ‘speak silently’ with a computer by just thinking
Kurzweilai | 06 April 2018 shut down by FBI
AZ Family | 06 April 2018

Blockchain is not only crappy technology but a bad vision for the future
Medium | 05 April 2018

P1: How the Wireless Industry Convinced the Public Cellphones Are Safe & Cherry-Picked Research on Risks
Democracy Now | 05 April 2018

P2: How Big Wireless War-Gamed the Science on Risks, While Making Customers Addicted to Their Phones
Democracy Now | 05 April 2018

(Blackburn) Congress’s Biggest Opponent of Net Neutrality Is Getting Destroyed in Midterm Election Polls
Motherboard Vice | 05 April 2018

The Trump Administration Wants to Cut Off Internet Access for Poor Americans
Alternet | 05 April 2018

Geologists now have evidence Africa is physically splitting into two continents
Quartz | 04 April 2018

‘Cesspool’: Philippines president closes billion-dollar holiday island over raw sewage
The Guardian | 04 April 2018 ​​

Amplified EMFs Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon
Mercola | 03 April 2018

YouTube shooter identified as left-wing Farsi-speaking VEGAN named Nasim Aghdam; ranted against YouTube for censorship, demonetization
Natural News | 03 April 2018

Woman wounds three at YouTube headquarters in California, then kills herself
Reuters | 03 April 2018

Suspect in YouTube Shooting Posted Rants About the Company Online
NBC Bay Area | 03 April 2018

5G wireless: a ridiculous front for global control
Jon Rappoport | 03 April 2018

5 Things You Need to Know About Fake Net Neutrality
Breitbart | 03 April 2018

“Rogue” Network Of Cellular Eavesdropping Devices Discovered Throughout Washington D.C.
Zero Hedge | 03 April 2018

YouTube Terminates TruNews Account
Trunews | 02 April 2018

The First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge Looks Like It Broke Off an Alien Mothership
Gizmodo | 02 April 2018

The City of Atlanta Is Still Locked Out of Files Over a Week After SamSam Ransomware Attack
Gizmodo | 01 April 2018

No more secrets! New mind-reading machine can translate your thoughts and display them as text Instantly
Daily Mail | 31 March 2018

Lockheed Martin Patents Nuclear Fusion-Powered Fighter Jet
Zero Hedge | 31 March 2018

A trip to the ER with your phone may mean injury lawyer ads for weeks
Arstechnica | 29 March 2018

China Deploys “SkyNet” Facial Recognition, Can Compare 3 Billion Faces Per Second
Zero Hedge | 27 March 2018

Elon Musk – Artificial Intelligence, Neuralink & New Forms of Government on Mars

Elon Musk - Artificial Intelligence, Neuralink & New Forms of Government on Mars

Elon Musk – Artificial Intelligence, Neuralink & New Forms of Government on Mars

YouTube | 11 March 2018

The Power of Your Intentions (The Rice Experiment)

The Power of Your Intentions (The Rice Experiment)

The Power of Your Intentions (The Rice Experiment)

YouTube | 04 January 2018

Who Is Elisa Lam – Energy Weapons Part 1

Who Is Elisa Lam - Energy Weapons Part 1

Who Is Elisa Lam – Energy Weapons Part 1

YouTube | 14 December 2014
Published in 2014: Human resonance…

Austin police deploy Hitachi facial recognition software
Biometric Update| 16 January 2017

Why are IQ’s Dropping On A WorldWide basis
Huffington Post | 30 August 2017

2016: Chinese army bans Hong Kong’s Pokemon players from barracks
Deccan Chronicle | 27 July 2016

2016: The most inappropriate places Pokémon GO players have gone to
Alarabiya | 22 July 2016

Day in the Life of AT&T President Ken McNeely
Haute Living | 11 March 2016

2014: Net Neutrality: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Net Neutrality: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Net Neutrality: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

YouTube | 01 June 2014

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