Rep. Darrell Issa’s Guns Blazing!

By Tyler Durden

Rep. Darrell Issa comes out guns blazing once again, alleging that the Fed provided a selective response to the subpoena to provide all documents relating to the AIG bailout, and asks Edolphus Towns, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, to hold Fed officials responsible for this act, in contempt.

First, the FRBNY’s production does not include documents related to the FRBNY’s knowledge of AIG’s credit default swap counterparty exposure before AIG was bailed out in September 2008. The Committee needs to understand AIG’s counterparty exposure and the FRBNY’s knowledge of the potential problems at AIG before federal officials thought it became necessary to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to bail out the company.

Second, the FRBNY’s production does not include documents related to the counterparty payments after May of 2009, including but not limited to the FRBNY’s response to Congressional and press inquiries, such as this Committee’s investigation. As you know, has stonewalled this Committee’s investigation at every turn since I initially requested information from FRBNY in October of 2009. It is crucial that this Committee understand the full extend of FRBNY’s efforts to cover up the counterparty payments and to prevent and delay other efforts to bring details about these transactions to the public.

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