Mexico: Building a Strong, Vibrant, Affordable Housing Infrastructure

November 20, 2018

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I have been asked on the occasion of the inauguration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico and his incoming Administration to provide recommendations on housing policy.

As a former Assistant Secretary of Housing in the United States, I believe that government is best suited to create the conditions through which people can develop the resources and skills to provide their own housing.

Here are 10 recommendations:

Recommendation #1. Appoint ethical, competent government housing leadership with significant experience in building residential housing in Mexico who love and appreciate Mexico and its people.

Recommendation #2. Significantly reduce violence and political corruption and organized crime.

Recommendation #3. Enforce and create a culture that respects individual property rights and an individuals rights to privacy and sovereignty in their home.

Recommendation #4. Provide low cost access to training and skills certification for construction, homebuilding and basic water, sewer and plumbing systems.

Recommendation #5.Provide low cost access to best practices to industry and municipalities regarding codes and standards for housing and encourage cooperation.

Recommendation #6. Promote sound monetary policy and permit local community currencies to enhance liquidity and encourage local investment vehicles.

Recommendation #7. Encourage community prayer and participatory budgeting to help communities create a shared purpose and intelligence regarding positive action.

Recommendation #8.
Encourage and support local fresh food farms, markets, production and education to significantly increase local economic resilience, incomes and exports, as well as good health.

Recommendation #9. Work with existing banks, credit unions and financial institutions and municipalities to determine steps to improve healthy primary mortgage markets.

Recommendation #10. Acknowledge and promote publically the importance of family wealth and the role of individual ownership of land and homes in the creation of family wealth and healthy local and national economics.

Mexico is a beautiful country filled with remarkable, capable people. My prayer for you is that you build a strong, vibrant, affordable housing infrastructure over the next decade.

Good luck!