Quote Du Jour

(CAF Note: This is an excerpt from this week’s Solari Report with Richard Dolan which will publish on Thanksgiving – a time to give thanks for those who nourish the light!)

The good news is that there is enough people who have the energy, who have the education and intelligence and the courage to fight this fight

I look back at the long history of our civilization and what I see is a long history of injustice and the long history of deception, a long history of darkness typically winning out over light. But the one good thing I can always see is that the light is never extinguished.

The effort to shed light into the darkness and shed truth into the falsehoods has never gone away.

For me it not about winning. It’s about one thing. I have this life. I have got this time to work with. Am I going to use it in a way that I can be proud of when it is time for me to check out – as it is for all of us?

At some point we all have to say goodbye to this incarnation.

When my time comes I simply want to be proud – as proud as I can be of what I’ve done. It is not about succeeding for all of humanity because I just don’t know if that is going to happen. It’s about comporting myself in the best way that I can and doing the very best that I can for the fight that is the good fight.

~ Richard Dolan