Prelude to a Revolution…. and so it begins.

Jan. 5th, 2021

On the eve of the infamous Trump rally in Washington DC, many in the mainstream media call it Trump’s last-ditch Hail Mary to “steal” the certified election results from Biden. Trump supporters who are coming from all points of the country are showing up in droves trying their hardest to make their presence known and stop the establishment from stealing the election. Everything that could be done to stop supporters from coming to DC has been done. Closing restaurants, hotels, parking lots, convenience stores, and museums; train delays, bus delays, maybe even airport delays; but they showed up. Heck, I had to lug food from NY. Tired and unafraid, they are here.

A full head-on collision and it is on….

Two polar-opposite belief systems coming face to face and caught in the crossfire in America. It’s not just a constitutional crisis but a crisis of ideology, of faith, of disinformation/misinformation, and, the very heart of it, of freedom. Who decides our freedoms? Is freedom something given to us by divine authority, or is it something that government grants us? Those who have showed up in DC today say it’s ours. It is divine, and it is granted by a higher authority, whatever a person’s belief system may be. Save our Republic is the motto.

So, one foot into 2021 and what has happened? Nancy Pelosi barely holds on with gripping fingers to her seat as Speaker of the House, ending gender terms for Congress; meanwhile, she defines herself as “wife” and “grandmother,” and the Congressional prayer ends with Amen and Awoman…. Yes, the stupidity is stunning… NY’s governor douchebag par excellence wants a bill passed “detaining” persons who pose a health risk to the public. I wonder if he will be detained due to his executive order of placing Covid patients in nursing homes that ultimately killed 15,000 elderly people. In my humble opinion, that’s worthy of being detained in a 5×5 cinder block cage; don’t you think so? Bitcoin is flying at $29K, and the gold price is just shy of $2k an ounce. Of course, there are also the Georgia Senate runoffs that can forever change the trajectory of this country if it goes to the Democrats. This addition is just for kicks: Kamala plagiarizing a MLK Jr. story. Look up #Fweedom on Twitter. Just the lowest of the lows.

Y’all, it’s a slippery slope. The dam is BREAKING.

So, what’s going to happen tomorrow? Who knows…. It feels like a terrible ’60s soap opera where there are a lot of “he said, she said” twists and turns. Will Pence back up Trump? Rep. Thomas Massie says it’s impossible; Pence pledging he will; mainstream pundits screaming Trump treason. It’s a mess.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but the one thing I do know is there’s no going back to the way things were. The way things were didn’t work. It’s either a human culture or technocracy. If Trump makes it, we still need to hold his feet to the fire and truly make America great again. Whether Trump is in or out, it’s up to us to fight for our future.

All I can say from a DC hotel room is, stay tuned….