Precious Metals & Currencies – 4th Quarter 2019

US Official Gold Reserves Auditor Caught Lying
VOIMA | 17 December 2019

The curious case of Britain’s disappearing banknotes
The Economist | 04 October 2018

Cryptocurrency investors want body of defunct company founder exhumed to make sure he’s dead
News AU | 16 December 2019

Countries vie for cryptocurrency supremacy as Libra tips scales
FT | 12 December 2019

More Gold Repatriation and a Nasty Question
Giza Death Star | 05 December 2019

Paradise Papers Connection Sparks Massive Bitcoin Lawsuit

ICIJ | 21 November 2019

Bold Bets That Gold Could Triple to $4,000 Trade in New York
Bloomberg | 27 November 2019

ALTCOINSChina’s digital yuan will be the ‘weapon’ of de-dollarization
AMB Crypto | 07 November 2019

The golden asteroid that could make everyone on Earth a billionaire
RT | 26 June 2019

France’s Central Bank Latest To Ponder A Digital Currency
PYMnts | 28 November 2019

BRICS Nations Discuss Shared Crypto to Break Away From USD and SWIFT
FX Street | 26 November 2019

Statement by Dr. Mark A. Calabria Regarding the Financial Stability Oversight Council Principals Meeting
FHFA | 05 December 2019

The Financial Stability Oversight Council has released its 2019 Annual Report, which describes, among other things, significant financial market and regulatory developments, potential emerging threats to U.S. financial stability, recommendations to promote U.S. financial stability, and the activities of the Council
Financial Reform Wolterskluwerlb | 05 December 2019

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking relating to the Remittance Rule, which generally requires companies that provide remittance transfers in the normal course of business to disclose to consumers certain fees and the exchange rates that apply to transfers
Financial Reform Wolterskluwerlb | 05 December 2019

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey says he’s going to live in Africa
CNN |29 November 2019

Testimony, December 04, 2019: Supervision and Regulation Report, Vice Chair for Supervision Randal K. Quarles, Before the Committee on Financial Services, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.
Federal Reserve | 04 December 2019

BRICS Nations Discuss Shared Crypto To Break Away From USD And SWIFT
The Daily Coin | 27 November 2019

Crypto capital and Blockchain business hub
Statista | 15 November 2019

Central Bank of Tunisia Announces It’s Blockchain-based Digital Currency
Name Coin News | 09 November 2019

Grant Williams: A Reset Of The System Is Inevitable
The Silver Doctors | 26 January 2019

China’s digital currency will kick off ‘horse race’: central bank official
Reuters |05 November 2019

Europe’s fiscal fisticuffs
OMFIF | 15 October 2019

Greece was broke four years ago. Now investors are paying to lend it money
CNN | 10 October 2019

Italy Sells First Dollar Bond in a Decade Amid Strong Demand
Bloomberg | 09 October 2019

Euro-debt issuance rising in prominence
OMFIF | 09 October 2019

Fed Takes $31 Billion Securities In Overnight Repo As “Not A QE” Looms
Zero Hedge | 09 October 2019

New York Fed Injects $104.15 Billion in Short-Term Liquidity
WSJ | 17 October 2019

Powell says the Fed will start expanding its balance sheet ‘soon’ in response to funding issues
CNBC | 08 October 2019

“Panic At The Repo”: One Of The World’s Top Repo Experts Explains What Really Happened
Zero Hedge | 08 October 2019

“Money’s Not Worth Anything Anymore” – Ex-Credit Suisse CEO Blasts “Crazy” Negative Rates
Zero Hedge | 07 October 2019

PayPal Drops Out of Facebook’s Libra Payments Network
WSJ | 04 October 2019

US Dollar Status as Global Reserve Currency Slides
Wolfstreet | 30 September 2019

Why the coming recession could force the Federal Reserve to swap greenbacks for digital dollars
Market Watch | 21 September 2019

Is the Mighty Dollar losing it’s Smile?
Morgan Stanley | 03 May 2019