Precious Metals & Currencies – 1st Quarter 2018

PetroYuan Futures Open – Over 10 BillIon Notional Trades In First Hour
Zero Hedge | 25 March 2018

G20 debates ‘hot’ cryptocurrencies
OMFIF | 23 March 2018

“There’s No Cash To Spend” – Elorza Becomes Largest Venezuelan City To Launch “Community Currency”
Zero Hedge | 21 March 2018

Signed by the Governor: Arizona Law Takes Another Step to Support Sound Money
Tenth Amendment Center | 21 March 2018

Peru central bank to cut reserve requirements for dollar deposits
Reuters | 25 March 2018

New Wyoming Legal Tender Law Treats Gold and Silver as Money; Foundation to Undermine the Federal Reserve
Tenth Amendment Center | 19 March 2018

Bitcoin Soars $1000 Off The Lows After G-20 Rejects Crypto Crackdown
Zero Hedge | 18 March 2018

Investors in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies face hefty tax bills
The Guardian | 18 March 2018

Bitcoin is dangerously close to a ‘death cross’ formation that could send it tumbling
Business Insider | 16 March 2018

Bank For International Settlements Distances Itself From Centralized Digital Currencies
Coin Telegraph | 13 March 2018

China crypto national currency ‘inevitable’
Asia Times | 12 March 2018

Signed by the Governor: Alabama Law will Help Encourage the Use of Gold and Silver as Money
Tenth Amendment Center | 12 March 2018

Iran bans use of US dollar in trade
RT | 01 March 2018

SEC Crackdown Sparks Crypto Carnage, Bitcoin Below $10k
Zero Hedge | 07 March 2018

China increasing gold exports to the UK. What’s going on? SGEI inventory transferred back to London?
Twitter | 03 March 2018

Iran Bans Use of US Dollar in Trade
RT | 01 March 2018

Swedish Central Bank Voices Alarm
Armstrong Economics | 01 March 2018

SEC subpoenas TechCrunch founder’s cryptofund amid broader investigation into digital coins
CNBC | 02 March 2018

Wyoming House Passes Bill to Encourage the Use of Gold and Silver as Money
Tenth Amendment Center | 27 February 2018

US Senator Seeks to Crush Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency Amid Sanctions
Sputnik News | 26 February 2018

Venezuela’s New Cryptocurrency Is A Scam
Corbett Report | 25 February 2018

To the Governor: Alabama Passes Bill to Help Encourage the Use of Gold and Silver as Money
Tenth Amendment Center | 23 February 2018

Berkeley’s plan to make its own cryptocurrency raises eyebrows
SF Chronicle | 23 February 2018

The Venezuelan “Petro” – Towards a New World Reserve Currency?
The Saker | 22 February 2018

Visa Confirms Coinbase Was NOT At Fault For Overcharging Users
Coinivore | 17 February 2018

Cryptopia: US bitcoin entrepreneurs are flocking to Puerto Rico but will they leave the Caribbean island short-changed?
Independent | 10 February 2018

Gold reserves by country as of November 2017 (in metric tons)
Statista | November 2017

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