Lesta Frank’s New Classes in San Antonio

Workshop– Saturday June 23 and Sunday, June 24, 2012
Hours: Each day-10:00-4:00
Place: Lesta’s Studio, 135 Evans Ave.,San Antonio., 78209
Fee: One day $50, both days $85 plus supply fee $10 a day
Lunch: Bring your lunch or go out.

Please email me if you want to take this class. The class is filliing up. Limited space-your check insures your reservation

You are invited to  learn how to make exquisite decorative papers,or upgrade your decorative papers to a new level.  These will be used to create paintings &  collages.  They can also be used to create cards, cover gift tags, wrap small gifts.  I used my papers to create Circus Mystique, Costume, Spirit Muse, and Dream Acrobat in this email.

Required Supply list:

Different sizes inexpensive paint brushes,old credit cards, any pens you like, gold pen.

Optional-Please bring stencils and stamps if you have them. decorative papers you have made and want to take them to the next level.

If you take class the second day: Bring Laser (not inkjet)  copies of old family photos or any other photos that you want to work with.  These are best blown up to 8 1/2x 11″. You will learn how to hand color lazer copies and make transfers of your photos.

I will provide deli paper, acrylic paints, use of  foam rollers, stamps, stencils, and water based oil crayons and more for $10 supply fee

New Classes through NEISD:

Follow the link for more info. and to sign up: http://communityed.neisd.net
on the rightside click creative expressions and scroll down to:
Beginning and Intermediate-4 weeks starting 7/11/12 9:00-noon

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