My Paleo Media Diet

By Jim Stogdill

What would happen if we turned off, opted out, and completely disconnected ourselves from the technology that runs our lives? For Jim Stogdill, tuning out brought greater productivity, less stress, and improved relationships.

I’ve been on a train to New York City for about 20 minutes and it just occurred to me that I haven’t checked Twitter today. In fact, I sat on a bench in the station for 30 minutes without even touching my phone. I watched people walk by, I daydreamed, thought about my plans for tomorrow, stared at the ceiling, and generally just sort of zoned out. That would be no big deal except that later I realized I didn’t get that itchy urge to check my phone and do the circuit: email, Twitter, Yammer, G+, Email, Twitter, Yammer, G+…my little socmed treadmill.

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