My Comments on Paul S. Levy’s Resignation from the Board of the University of Pennsylvania Law School Board of Overseers

University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Excerpt from Catherine’s Money & Markets Commentary:

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The Solari Report – Paul Levy’s Resignation

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This is the story of two deans of the University of Pennsylvania Law School. One suppressed university endowment and financial information in a cruel and unusual way. The other suppressed minority student performance.

Guess which one was attacked by their powerful trustee and major donor?

The latest squabble at the University of Pennsylvania Law School raises deep questions about the $21 Trillion missing from US government accounts and the rich private endowments of American elite universities and the private equity and LBO firms that populate their governance and management.

Perhaps the time has come for a serious policy debate about how these private investment syndicates and their returns relate to predatory student loans destroying the future of so many young people, the underfunding of America’s pension funds and the deterioration of infrastructure and public services in America.

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