Music of the Week: November 25, 2022: Hands Off Our Children by Joydah Mae

This week’s music is more than a song. It is a cry from the hearts of mothers and fathers. It is a clarion call. And it is a statement of human rights that also formed the motto for the campaign #HandsOffOurChildren recently launched by Children’s Health Defense Europe. Internationally renowned scientists, medical doctors, and speakers such as Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Meryl Nass, Dr. Michael Palmer, Orsolya Gyorffy, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, and several others gathered to call for a halt to all gene-based injections and, in particular, a ban of these shots in children and the return to the moral principle to protect the weak and the innocent.

As central banks, governments, and private corporations reach to grab our freedoms, our assets, and finally even our children, we must push back and in particular reverberate this message throughout the world: “Hands off our Children!” 

Watch the REPLAY of the “Hands Off Our Children” Symposium, Brussels, Belgium, November 12, 2022


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