Movie of the Week: July 8, 2024: The Guardians

“They’re using senior citizens as the key to the money; it’s about the money; 47 trillion dollars are about to change hands, from the elderly to their children.” ~ Billie Mintz

This chilling 2019 documentary from filmmaker Billie Mintz sheds light on the exploitation of elderly individuals in Las Vegas, revealing a disturbing narrative where vulnerable members of society are stripped of their financial security, medical choices, and independence.

Through manipulation by unethical court-appointed guardians, victims are coerced into surrendering control of their lives. With questionable legal orders in hand, the guardians can forcibly relocate seniors, cut off their ties with loved ones, and drain their finances. As the story unfolds, one group of victims unites to pursue accountability, compensation, and liberation.

As one senior shares in the film, ”It was the worst mistake I ever made in my life. I literally was kidnapped from my own home, drugged, and I asked them where I was, and they said you’re on the sixth floor in this psych ward.”

We recommend that you take the time to watch and share this concerning, eye-opening documentary.

More trailers on Billie Mintz’ homepage.

Watch the film on YouTube (may not be accessible in Europe) or stream on Amazon Prime.


Billie Mintz

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