Money & Markets – Week of 12.24.17

China Eliminates Taxation For Foreign Companies Investing in China
Armstrong Economics | 30 December 2017
Big loser will be…

Russia Responds to the Trump Tax Reform
Armstrong Economics | 30 December 2017
Once again…

Bitcoin Briefly Falls 11% after South Korea Moves to Ban New Cryptocurrency Trading Accounts
CNBC | 28 December 2017
percent below its record high…

Get Paid up to $80,000 to Move to Struggling Towns: Cash grants, student loan pay offs and free land are offered as incentives to revitalize rural communities across the U.S.
Daily Mail | 23 December 2017
Surprising cities and even…

Dallas Jury Issues Record $4 Billion Verdict Against JP Morgan Chase
“Stage 4 lymphoma cancer was easier than dealing with this bank”

Dallas Mag | 27 September 2017

The petro-yuan bombshell
The Saker | 26 December 2017

Top Gold Producing Countries In The World
World Atlas | 17 April 2017
Analyze the increases and decreases…