Money & Markets – Week of 12.10.17

Catherine Austin Fitts – Bitcoin OP Digital Slavery & Space Economy! Dark Journalist



YouTube | 13 December 2017
Dark Journalist…

Trump Plans to Cut Social Security, Medicare in Second Term
Undernews | 16 December 2017
Targets for…

Everybody Should Be Very Afraid of the Disney Death Star
The Atlantic | 15 December 2017
Empire strikes…

The Bitcoin Paradox
Nautil | 15 December 2017
Why cryptocurrency will always…

Bitcoin Buyers Should Prepare to Lose All their Money, Says Regulator
Independent | 16 December 2017
Is a commodity…

Final Republican Tax Bill Slashes U.S. Corporate Rate, Voting Next Week
Reuters | 15 December 2017
Remained uncommitted…

Bulgaria Acquired $3.6 Billion in Bitcoin After Organized Crime Bust
Need to Know | 14 December 2017
Once the virus installed…

Russia Wins in Arctic After U.S. Fails to Kill Giant Gas Project
Bloomberg | 14 December 2017
French energy giant…

China Regulators Complete Final ‘Drill’ In Preparation For Petro-Yuan Futures Trading
Zero Hedge | 13 December 2017
Not all plain-saling…

Disney Deal Set to Value Fox at more than $75 Billion: Source
Reuters | 13 December 2017
premiere properties such…

Fed Raises Rates For Third Time In 2017 As U.S. Economy Chugs Along
Forbes | 13 December 2017
Fed has forecast another three rate hikes…

Republicans Forge Tax Deal, Final Votes Seen Next Week
Reuters | 13 December 2017
Agreed to…

Catherine Austin Fitts: 21 Trillion Missing From Pentagon / DOD Announces Audit Under Trump

YouTube | 13 December 2017

Fed Raises Interest Rates as Yellen’s Term Nears Its End
Business Insider | 13 December 20177
Rate Hike Creep…

Dina Powell, Gary Cohn may face headwinds post-Trump if they return to Wall Street
Fox Business | 13 December 2017
Given the internal …

Bank of America: The Bull Market has Plenty of ‘Gas in the Tank’
Business Insider | 12 December 2017
On the radar of…

The Golden Petro-Yuan and the Chinese Bride in the Arabian Desert
Law Today Mag | 12 December 2018

That Was No Typo: The Median Net Worth of Black Bostonians Really is $8
Portside | 11 December 2017
Selected because…

The Human Cost of the Ghost Economy
Long Reads | December 2017
Refreshing and sobering…

The Biggest Bubble Ever, In 3 Charts
Seeking Alpha | 11 December 2017
Instrumental in fueling…ensures market dependency to…

Brace for Steepest Rate Hikes Since 2006
Bloomberg | 11 December 2017
Net asset purchases…

Big-money Investors Single Out the Biggest Risk to Markets Over the Next Year
Business Insider | 11 December 2017
40% of respondents named…

MSU Scholars Find $21 Trillion in Unauthorized Government Spending; Defense Department to Conduct First-ever Audit
MSU | 11 December 2017
Economist, working with graduate students and a former…

2013 Special Report: The Pentagon’s Doctored Ledgers Conceal Epic Waste 2013
Reuters | 18 October 2013
From 2013: unresolved numbers…

Steve Bannon Speaks At “Black Americans For A Better Future Summit”

Steve Bannon Speaks At "Black Americans For A Better Future Summit"

Steve Bannon Speaks At "Black Americans For A Better Future Summit"

YouTube | 05 December 2017
Keynote speaker at a fundraiser for…