Money & Markets – Week of 11.05.17

Blockchain and Monetary Policy: Sponsored by the Chamber of Digital Commerce

Blockchain and Monetary Policy

Blockchain and Monetary Policy

You Tube | 05 November 2017

JPMorgan Says Family Awarded $8 Billion Deserves Nothing
Bloomberg | 10 November 2017

JPM Takes One on the Chin….

Make Big Money on Bitcoin Cash? The IRS Might Be Watching
Coin Desk | 09 November 2017

Anonymous Transactions???

‘Cashed-up’ Mother Teresa kept Vatican Bank afloat – journalist
RT | 09 November 2017

Would you believe???

How Central Banks Widen Wealth and Income Gaps
Mises Institute | 09 November 2017

The Harvest Explained…

Europe Stock Benchmark Owner to Create World’s First AI Index
Bloomberg | 08 November 2017

AI Driven Trading Algos..

Nomi Prins: Steven Mnuchin, Foreclosure King of America
Naked Capitalism | 08 November 2017

Shades of Halmilton…

Houston voters OK $1 billion measure to bolster police, city workers pension funds
Chron | 08 November 2017
More Pension Fund Woes…

Bill would allow pension funds to borrow money to cover losses
Dayton Daily News | 06 November 2017
Legislating a Larger Hole in the Milk Bucket….

Report: Full cost of U.S. wars overseas approaching $6 trillion
Military Times | 08 November 2017

War w/o End Amen…

Hannover Re posts steep drop in Q3 profit after natural catastrophes
Reuters | 08 November 2017
Insurance company sells equity portfolio to pay disaster claims…

Jack Ma’s Alibaba rakes in over $1bn per hour as Singles Day record smashed
RT | 11 November 2017
Alibaba $23.5B in One Day…

Special Report: How China’s biggest bank became ensnared in a sprawling money laundering probe
Reuters | 31 July 2017

Crime is the Business Plan…

In Bizarre Warning JPMorgan Says “Beware The Shadow World” As “Speed Of Asset Rally Is Scary”
Zero Hedge | 05 November 2017

Hi Speed Programmed Trading Monster…

Hazardous’ Financial Risks
Bloomberg | 05 November 2017

The Monster Scares China too…

America’s ‘Retail Apocalypse’ Is Really Just Beginning
Bloomberg | 08 November 2017

Economy 2.0 Apocalypse…

Jeff Bezos Sells $1.1 Billion Amazon Shares With Stock at Record
Bloomberg | 03 November 2017

Heads Up..

Prince Charles’s estate made big profit on stake in friend’s offshore firm
The Gaurdian UK | 07 November 2017
Nerds Expose Big Club…

How a nerdy Swedish database startup with $80m in funding cracked the Paradise Papers
Business Insider | 08 November 2017
Revenge of the Nerds..

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act H.R. 1 Section-by-Section Summary
House of Representatives | 00 November 2017

Details on How Much Tax Reform….

H.R. 1
House of Representatives | 00 November 2017
More How Much Tax Reform?…

Contentious debate begins on tax reform
The Hill | 06 November 2017

How Much Tax Reform?..

New Massive Leak of Secret Documents from Bermudian Offshore Law Firm Reveals Tax Abuses and Corruption by Companies and the Global Elite
Global Financial Integrity | 05 November 2017

Shadow Global Finance System Revealed….

Paradise Papers
Wiki | 05 November 2017
Wiki Shadow Finance…