Money & Markets – Week of 10.22.17

YouTube Censorship Surge with Jared Taylor & James Allsup
YouTube | 24 October 2017
Monopoly Politics…

The Way to the Future – Cryptos Move Over
Martin Armstrong | 26  October 2017
Block Chain Everything…

House adopts Senate budget, takes step toward tax reform
The Hill | 26 October 2017
Tax Reform Creeps Along…

Bitcoin Pushes Higher on Amazon Rumor; Gold Falls Further
Daily FX | 26 October 2017
BitCoin Precious Metals Beat Down…

Vacant Property Rates Soar In Over Half Of U.S. Local Housing Markets
Zero Hedge | 26 October 2017
The Harvest Accelerates…

Rising Rents Are Pushing More Tenants Past the Breaking Point
Bloomberg | 26 October 2017

Harvesting Renters

Gary Cohn Floats Idea of Gas Tax Hike for Infrastructure
Bloomberg | 25 October 2017
Extracting More Blood from Public Turnip…

Draghi Goes Lower for Longer in Overhauling Bond Buying Plan
Bloomberg | 26 October 2017

Debt, Debt, and More Debt…

Amazon gains wholesale pharmacy licenses in multiple states
STL Today| 27  October 2017
Amazon Wants All!!!

Pharmacy Stocks Slammed On Signs They May Be Next To Get “Amazon’d”
Zero Hedge | 26 October 2017
Amazon to FANG Pharmacy Chains….

Amazon Soars Above $1,000 After Smashing Expectations
Zero Hedge | 26 October 2017
The A in FANG looms Large…

Robbing the cradle to secure ‘social security’
Truth in Accounting | 25 October 2017
After the Pillage, Divide and Conquer…

Will Trump Oversee the Financial Apocalypse?
Vanity Fair | 20  October 2017
The Reckoning Approaches..

In the U.S. market for human bodies, almost anyone can dissect and sell the dead
Reuters | 24 October 2017

Just in Time for Halloween…

Local: The Case for Small Southern Towns
Strong Towns | 24 October 2017
Kids could walk to get a…

Here It Comes: The Longest Streak Ever Without A 3% Correction In US History
Zero Hedge | 23  October 2017
Gravity Defying Bull Market…

Bermuda cyber hack: Offshore law firm data hack leaves super-rich bracing for financial details to be released
Independent UK| 24 October 2017
Off Shore Cyber Take Down…

Bitcoin Prehistory

Bitcoin Prehistory

Bitcoin Prehistory

YouTube | October 2017
BINGO!!Total Global Financial Control Realized the Video…

Is Bitcoin and Other Crypto Currencies a Government Experiment Imagined 12 Years Before Satoshi
The Daily Economist | 24 October 2017
Total Global Financial Control Realized…

Newegg Lawsuit: Retailer Accused Of Partaking In Massive Fraud
IBTimes | 23 October 2017

Fake Order Scam…

Bitcoin Pioneer Says New Coin to Work on Many Blockchains
Bloomberg | 23 October 2017

Crypto Integration…

Big money stays away from booming bitcoin
Reuters | 22 October 2017
Too Much Volatility…

Following NYC, Philadelphia Pulls Pension Stock in Private Prisons
Governing | 27 October 2017
Pulling the Plug on Private Prison Investments…

Bluegrass Beacon: Taxpayers deserve at least honorable mention in pension debate
Blue Grass Institute |  23 October 2017

An Attempt to Set Priorities…

IceCap Asset Management: “We Are About To Witness The Financial Market Movement Of A Lifetime”
Zero Hedge | 23 October 2017

Pump and Dump 4.0 on the Horizon..

Bank Downgrades Chipolte, Complaining it Pays Workres too Much. Chipolte Says That’s Bunk
The Intercept | 22 October 2017

Another Reason not to Bank at BoA…

Tax Reform Moves Forward As House Adopts Senate’s $4 Trillion Budget Resolution (20 Reps Vote ‘No’)
Zero Hedge | 26  October 2017

More on Tax Reform Sausage Works..

Republicans make one last push for unity on taxes
Press Herald | 25 October 2017
Tax Reform Sausage Factory…

Top Senate Republican, White House, aim for tax bill by year-end
Reuters | 22 October 2017
Tax Reform Itinerary…

One River CIO “We’re Willing Participants In Our Own Demise”
Zero Hedge | 22 October 2017

Printing Press Rise to Global Power…

The Real Halloween Scare: The U.S. Ran a $666 Billion Deficit Last Year
Fortune | 21 October 2017
More Horror Show…

Russia Gold-Buying Frenzy Continues
True News| 09 October 2017
Ruskies on a Gold Tear…

Digital technology can make financial struggles easier to manage
The Economist | 07 September 2017

Easier than What???

The death of the internal combustion engine
The Economist | 17 August 2017
Major Trend…

China Wants Ownership Stake in Its Tech Giants
Tru News | 13 October 2017
PRC Wants Larger Share…

China’s digital-payments giant keeps bank chiefs up at night
The Economist | 19 August 2017
PRC Covets Cryptos…

Powell likely next Fed chief, though Yellen best suited: economists
CNBC | 17  October 2017

The Beloved Fed….