Money & Markets – Week of 10.02.16

Flash Crash: The British Pound Suddenly Plunged 6% in the Middle of the Night
Quartz | 07 October 2016
Deep and liquid…

Labor Force Participation Ticks Up
BI | 07 October 2016
Possibly indicating…

As Day In Court Looms, Corzine Tries To Settle MF Global Fraud For Just $5 Million
Zero Hedge | 06 October 2016
It’s good to have friends…(Corzine photo with a presidential candidate.)

Pound in Freefall Hurts U.K. Bonds as Goldman Sees More Losses
Bloomberg | 06 October 2016
“Unfolding as”…

The World Now has $152 Trillion in Debt — the Highest Amount Ever
BI | 06 October 2016
Very quickly…

Global Bonds Retreat as Stimulus Outlook Upended a Second Time
Bloomberg | 06 October 2016
Traders are fast…

Berlin Pursues Deutsche BankbTalks Discreetly with US Officials
CNBC | 05 October 2016
Political poison for…

Fed Needs Help to Boost Interest Rates, Vice Chairman Says
Market Watch | 05 October 2016
Unambiguously damaging…

Disgraced Biotech Company Theranos Shuts Down Labs, Lays Off 40 Percent of Workforce
Slate | 05 September 2016
Edison devices…

The Most Important Story You Didn’t See This Week

The Most Important Story You Didn't See This Week

The Most Important Story You Didn't See This Week

YouTube | 01 October 2016
Laid out six…

BlackRock Cuts ETF Prices Anticipating Greater Passive Shift
Bloomberg | 04 October 2016
Seismic shift…

US Construction Spending Crashes Into Contraction For First Time In 5 Years
Zero Hedge | 03 October 2016
2.0 percent below…

Is the U.S. Dollar Set to Soar?
Of Two Minds | 03 October 2016
Special relationship of…

Deutsche Bank Shares Slip Again in Race to Reach U.S. Settlement
Reuters | 03 October 2016
Deutsche is much smaller than…

Germany’s Deutsche Bank, Again in Trouble, Received a U.S. Bailout Twice as Big as Lehman Brothers
Wall Street On Parade | 03 October 2016
Transactions used to defraud…

Big Data Exposes How Politically Connected Traders Cashed In During the Financial Crisis
IB Times | 28 September 2016
Track and predict…

U.S. Bond Market’s Biggest Buyers Are Selling Like Never Before
Bloomberg | 25 September 2016
Demand will be…

Political Connections and the Informativeness of Insider Trades
Social Science Research Network | 01 September 2016
Political nature of…

How Women Won a Leading Role in China’s Venture Capital Industry
Bloomberg | 19 September 2016
Launch more than…