Money & Markets – Week of 10.01.17

Uncle Sam’s Unfunded Promises
Mauldin Economics | 07 October 2017
The Elephant in the Room…

Tax-cut plan prompts fund managers to bet on automation
Reuters | 06 October 2017
Automation gets Funding…

The hospitality industry lost its most jobs in the history of the jobs report
Business Insider | 06 October 2017
Disaster Impacts…

U.S. Treasury Outlines Sweeping Reform of Capital Markets
Reuters | 06 October 2017
(And two links below) Likely to be a boon for…

Local: 3 Ways Shrinking Churches can Adapt
Strong Towns | 04 October 2017
Become more financially resilient…

Full Report: A Financial System That Creates Economic Opportunities Capital Markets
Treasury | October 2017
(1 of 2)Full report…

Fact Sheet: A Financial System That Creates Economic Opportunities Capital Markets
Treasury | October 2017
(2 of 2)Fact sheet…

Local: Aligning Profit Motives and Community Needs
Shout Engine | 05 October 2017
The Answer is Local…

20% of Illinois Lawmakers to Quit: They Risk Some Pension Benefits if They Get Booted Instead of Retiring
Mish | 05 October 2017
Opting for the Golden Parachute…

Pension Math: Public Pension Spending and Service Crowd Out in California, 2003-2030
Standford University | October 2017
The Numbers Tell the Story…

The accounting fraud behind the debt ceiling
Washington Examiner | 05 October 2017
Debt Ceiling Slight of Hand…

Now Robots Are Coming After India’s Low-Cost Labour
Bloombert | 04 October 2017
Dirt Cheap just got Cheaper…

We can Finally Identify One of the Largest Holders of Puerto Rican Debt
The Intercept | 03 October 2017
$1B in PR Debt…

Rising debts risks economy’s long-term health, IMF warns
Yahoo UK | 03 October 2017
No Kidding..,

The White House and Equifax Agree: Social Security Numbers Should Go
Bloomberg | 03 October 2017
Can’t Wait for the Replacement…

The ugly truth about America’s economy in just four words
Business Insider | 03 October 2017

Shooting from the Hip…

Buffett bets on truck stops, to buy majority of Pilot Flying J
Reuters | 03 October 2017
More Transportation Investments…

Jeff Gundlach says Neel Kashkari will be the next Federal Reserve chair
Yahoo | 03 October 2017
Kaskari to the Fed…

Mastermind Of $4 Billion Bitcoin Money Laundering Operation May Be Extradited To US
Zero Hedge | 02 October 2017
Analog Force beats Digital Currencies..

Global debt may be understated by $13 trillion: BIS
Reuters | 17 September 2017
More Hidden Debt..

Here’s Another Sign Goldman Sachs Is Taking Bitcoin Seriously
Fortune | 02 October 2017
Dream Come True…

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma lift U.S. factory activity index to 13-year high
Reuters |02 October 2017
Disaster Economics…