Money & Markets – Week of 07.02.17

5 Charts That Explain Just How Insolvent Your State Is
Zero Hedge | 11 July 2017
Cash Solvency Index…

CFTC Approves Options Trading In Bitcoin
Zero Hedge | 08 July 2017
Expect a burst of…

Terrible News For Illinois: Moody’s Puts State On Review For Downgrade To Junk Despite Budget
Zero Hedge | 05 July 2017
First U.S. state…

DOL Fiduciary Rule Explained as of July 5th, 2017
Investopedia | 05 July 2017
Applicability date…

Former Glencore Traders Launch Concentrates Trading Platform
Mining | 03 July 2017
First on gold, silver, copper,…

How Two Countries Helped Drive the Recent Rise in Cryptocurrency Prices
Tech Crunch | 04 July 2017
Surprise as to why…

U.S. Car Sales Are Tanking and Inventories Are Rising — This Is Not What Anyone Wants to See
MSN | 04 July 2017
Rose 21…

Iowa’s Public Pension Funds Owe Billions: Lawmakers Plan to Study Fixes
Des Moines Register | 04 July 2017
How realistic…

Pushed Into Poverty, How Student Loan Collections Threaten the Financial Security of Older Americans
National Consumer Law Center | 00 May 2017
Yet Another Harvesting Mechanism…

Silicon Valley Begins to Crack Visibly
Wolf Street | 02 July 2017
Tech Bubble II Looms…

Uniform Regulation for Virtual Currency Businesses: Coming to a State Near You
Coindesk | 02 July 2017
Draft Uniform Regulation of…

MSCI Inclusion Points China’s Stock Market in Right Direction
South China Morning Post | 01 July 2017
China’s Completes Next Step…

UPS Pension Freeze Will Affect 8,500 Louisville Workers
Courier – Journal | 28 June 2017
Nonunion employees will receive…

Fed’s Yellen Expects No New Financial Crisis in ‘Our Lifetimes’
Reuters | 27 June 2017
“The Check IS in the Mail”….

HK’s Role for the Next 20 Years? Silk Road ‘Super-Connector’
Asian Times | 01 July 2017
Silk Road Leads to Honk Kong…

Illinois Taxoholics Wear Down Rauner: Massive Tax Hikes In the Works
Mish | 01 July 2017
The Hammer Starts to Fall in IL…

Pay Attention to Amazon, Advisers
Financial Planning | 28 June 2017
(subscription) much closer…

$60M in Tax Revenue Projected as Nevada Preps for Recreational Marijuana
News 3 Las Vegas | 26 June 2017
Pot to the Rescue?..