Money & Markets – Week of 05.01.17

5/3/17 Ron Paul Live! – Defense of Freedom! (pt-3) Alex Jones Infowars
Alex Jones | 03 May 2017
Frank Assessment…

House Republicans Repeal Obamacare, Hurdles Await in U.S. Senate
Reuters | 03 May 2017
To be Filed Under We’ll See…

Obamacare Finally Repealed
Armstrong Economics | 05 May 2017
Scalia wrote in his dessenting opinion…

JPMorgan Chase & Co Leaves Blockchain Consortium R3
Reuters | 27 April 2017
The Vampire Squid has it’s Own Block Chain Ideas…

How Much Americans Owe on Their Mortgages in Every State
Experian | 00 May 2017
Mortgage Debt by Place…

A Problem Emerges: Central Banks Injected A Record $1 Trillion In 2017… It’s Not Enough
Zero Hedge | 06 May 2017
How Much More????

Visualizing America’s Retail Apocalypse
Zero Hedge | 06 May 2017
Economy 3.0 Ramifications…

Puerto Rico to Shut 179 Schools, Relocate 27k Students Amid Historic Bankruptcy
RT | 06 May 2017
US Dry Run???

Gary Cohn: Tax Plan Will Offer CEOs One Time Incentive to Bring Cash Back to U.S.A.
Fox Business | 05 May 2017
Offshore $FRN Planned Returned to US…

Puerto Rico Declares “Bankruptcy” Due to $123 Billion in Debts
Sharp Spring Mail | 05 May 2017
Composting PR…

Retired Teachers Win Reprieve, if not ‘Permanent Fix,’ Under Health Care Plan Embraced by Texas House
Dallas News | 04 May 2017
TX Pension Fund on the Rocks…

How Small Events Can Cascade into Contagions
Martin Armstrong | 04 May 2017
The Physics of Collapse…

How to Bring Cities Back from the Brink
The Economist | 04 May 2017

Return of the Age of Spectacle…

Why the Retail Crisis Could Be Coming to American Groceries
Bloomberg | 04 May 2017
Retail Revalations..

Apple to Create $1 Billion U.S. Advanced Manufacturing Fund
Reuters | 03 May 2017
Apple Doubles Down on Manufacturing…

Puerto Rico Files Biggest ever U.S. Local Government Bankruptcy

Reuters | 03 May 2017
A Trend of Default…

BitCoin is Closing in on $1500.00
Business Insider | 02 May 2017
The Rise of Etheric Currency…

$ 5.5 Billion Investment Round Puts Didi Chuxing Close to Uber’s Valuation
Mobility Intel | 01 May 2017
Chinese ver of Uber…

The Student Servitude Sham
Matasii | 01 May 2017
Education Inflation Run Amok…

Interior Secretary Calls for U.S. to Dominate Global Energy
Houston Chronicle | 01 May 2017
US Plans to Dominate Energy…

Apple has MORE Cash than the UK and Canada combined: Firm Set to Reveal its Quarterly Financial Results and Reveal Reserves of More than a Quarter of a $Trillion Dollars
Daily Mail UK| 01 May 2017
Apple.Inc Rivals Nations’ Wealth…

Texas Senate Passes Bill Overhauling Houston’s Troubled Pension Systems
TX Tribune | 01 May 2017
Pensions Treading Water…

Teachers Retirement System of Texas is ‘Too Big to Fail’
Houston Chronicle | 07 April 2017

VIX Crashes To 9-Handle For First Time In Over 10 Years
Zero Hedge | 01 May 2017

Local: Explaining what Participatory Budgeting is
Participatory Budget| 01 May 2017
Direct Decision Making….

Top 100 for 2016
Defense News | April 2017
MIC Top Picks…

How Does Trump’s Tax Plan Help the Middle Class? ‘Honestly, We Don’t Know’
Bloomberg | 01 May 2017
Tax Relief MIA…

8 of the Best City Financial Transparency Sites
Gov Loop | 01 May 2017
Linked to revenue and spending…

Dubai Government Taps IBM For City-Wide Blockchain Pilot Push
Coin Desk | 14 March 2017
Cashless Society Brought to You by IBM….

The 7 Most Majestic Infrastructure Projects of 2016
Wired | 03 January 2017
The Key to a Great Civilization..

Future Financial Status of the Social Security Program
SSA | 01 May 2017
2034 is 17 years…

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