Money & Markets – Week of 03.05.17

Jerome Corsi: Wikileaks Vault 7 Proves CIA Gone Completely Rogue
YouTube | 08 March 2017
CIA has…

State TV: Iran Air Receives 2nd of 100 Airbus Jets
Yahoo | 11 March 2017
And Boeing…

Share Turnover by Fund Managers Not Helping Business: Expert
Reuters | 10 March 2017
Short Term Returns…

Investors Cash Out of U.S.-based Junk Bond Funds
Reuters | 09 March 2017
Flight from Low Grade Corp Debt…

Yield Curve Inverts As Mnuchin Warns Congress Of “Extraordinary Measures” To Avoid Debt Ceiling
ZeroHedge | 09 March 2017
Reinstated on…

Initial Jobless Claims Jump more than Expected
BI | 09 March 2017
Pace of layoffs and…

Bond Bloodbath – Treasuries Haven’t Seen A Longer Losing-Streak Than This In 43 Years
ZeroHedge | 09 March 2017
Dow was desperately…

Hoteliers Cast Airbnb as Fast-Growing Professional Rival
WSJ | 09 March 2017

McConnell: Tax Reform Unlikely by August
The Hill | 09 March 2017
Tax Reform Push-Back…

Trump Administration Considers $6 Billion Cut to HUD Budget
Washington Post | 08 March 2017
Targets funding for…

Are We Witnessing The Weirdest Moment In Economic History?
Alt Market | 08 March 2017
Pull the plug on…

Are We Witnessing The Weirdest Moment In Economic History?
Zero Hedge | 08 March 2017
Unusual Global Financial Predicament…

Trump talks infrastructure with Musk, developers
Yahoo | 08 March 2017
Musk joins Trump….

Shooting Holes in Land Transfer
Ultimate Upland | 08 March 2017
Does the Federal Government Own….

Dems press FCC chief on AT&T-Time Warner merger
The Hill | 08 March 2017
Merger Madness Cont’d…

Exclusive: Mexico Cancels Sugar Export Permits to U.S.
Reuters | 08 March 2017
Trade Dispute…

Job Creation Posts Blowout Month in February, ADP Says
CNBC | 08 March 2017
New Hiring Boom…

February Inflation at 27-Month High
Business Inquirer | 08 March 2017
Inflation Soaring…

OECD Warns of Disconnect Between Stock Market and Economy
The Star | 07 March 2017
Economic Disconnect…

US Credit Card Debt Sees Biggest Drop In Over Four Years
Zero Hedge | 07 March 2017
Credit Card Use lowest…

Stocks have Entered the ‘Danger Zone’
Business Insider | 06 March 2017
Stocks on Precipice…

Nobel Economist Takes Aim at Rent-seeking Banking and Healthcare Industries
Market Watch | 06 March 2017
“Devoted to stealing things”…

A Third Of All U.S. Shopping Malls Are Projected To Close As ‘Space Available’ Signs Go Up All Over America
TEC | 06 March 2017
That is why it is so alarming…

Pepsi Lays Off 20% Of Its Philadelphia Workers, Blames Soda Tax
Zero Hedge | 06 March 2017
Soda Tax Axes Jobs…

Key Events In The Coming Week: All Eyes On Payrolls
Zero Hedge | 06 March 2017
Fed Rate Hike Looms..

The Government Doesn’t Actually Want Housing to be More Affordable
SMH |06 March 2017
Rule out any of the things…

Is Retail CRE The Next Financial Implosion? With Charles Hugh Smith

MACRO ANALYTICS - 03 03 17 - Is Retail CRE The Next Financial Implosion? - w/Charles Hugh Smith

MACRO ANALYTICS – 03 03 17 – Is Retail CRE The Next Financial Implosion? – w/Charles Hugh Smith

YouTube | 03 March 2017
Gordon T Long of Macro Analytics…

Joyce Nelson, Mark Anielski on “It’s Our Money”
Ellen Brown | 04 March 2017
Canadians Fight for Return of…

Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation Running Out of Cash, Millions Affected
Mish Talk | 03 March 2017

Yellen Points to March Rate Hike as Fed Signals End of Easy Money
Reuters| 03 March 2017
Fed Rate Hike looms…