Money & Markets – Week of 02.26.17

How States Turn K-12 Scholarships Into Money-Laundering Schemes
American Prospect | 03 March 2017
Subsidies in exchange for…

Treasury Department Burning through Cash as Debt Ceiling Approaches
Washington Examiner | 03 March2017
Low cash balance is required under…

How The Lights Went Out In A West Texas Town
American Conservative | 16 May 2013
(Local) Sudden jump in interest rates…

Stocks Rise, US Dollar Down after Yellen Signals Rate Rise
Reuters | 03 March 2017
Yellen confirmed…

Caterpillar Goes From White House Kudos to Multi-Agency Raid
Bloomberg | 03 March 2017
Commerce, Internal Revenue, FDIC. and…

Snapchat is Still Rallying — Here’s How Long It Takes on Average for a Hot IPO to Crash
BI | 03 March 2017
Quite good at selling…

Spanish Social Security ‘to Run Out of Money in July’
IPE | 03 March 2017
Regularly drawn on the funds in order…

Bank Of America Sets A Date For The Market’s “Great Fall”
Zero Hedge | 02 March 2017
Little longer…

Retail Buying Panic: S&P ETF Saw Biggest Inflow In 27 Months Yesterday
Zero Hedge | 02 March 2017
Unstable equilibrium…

Danish Regulator Calls for ‘Broad Debate’ on Risk Shift to Consumers
IPE | 01 March 2017
Enough money for…

ESG Roundup: FSB Climate Disclosures Task Force Mandate Extended
IPE | 01 March 2017
Proposed that it “continue…

Why ESG Reporting Still Matters to U.S. Investors
Green Biz | 27 December 2016
portfolio selection and management…

Uber driver gives CEO a Qne-star Rating
Axios | 28 February 2017

President Trump’s Disingenuous Middle Class Tax Cut Pitch
Vox | 28 February 2017
47% goes to…

David Stockman-Everything Will Grind to a Halt in 2017
YouTube | 25 February 2017
Solari Report: The Deep State & Trump Budget… publishes March 2nd…

‘Depressed’ Wall Street Exec Jumps to his Death
NY Post | 01 March 2017
The List Continues…

Trump Gives Nod to Republican Tax-credit Proposal on Obamacare
Reuters | 01 March 2017
Tax Breaks to Offset OCare..

Trumpflation vs Negative Rates: The Battle Endures
WSJ | 28 Feburary March 2017
Negative Rate Challenge..

Beijing Needs to Do More to Lift Its Bonds Appeal
WSJ | 28 Feburary 2017
WSJ on Chinese Bonds..

The Highwaymen
Mother Jones | February 2017
Privateering Our Highways..

A Global Eurodollar Shortage
MATASII | 27 February 2017
Euro Shortfall..

Obama Illegally Robbed Fannie, Freddie to Fund Obamacare
Info Wars | 27 February 2017
Illegal Funding of Obama-Care…

Drained pension fund has retired New York Union Workers Pinching Pennies to Survive, as Doom Looms for Reserves across U.S.
NY Daily News | 26 February 2017
Pension Funds drained..

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letter 2016
BH | 25 February 2017
Per-share book value…

Debt Limit Suspension to Expire March 15
JD Supra | 23 February 2017
If Congress fails…