Money & Markets – Week of 02.12.17

Catherine Austin Fitts-Trump Taking On Corruption & Lawlessness
USA Watchdog | 11 February 2017
YouTube | 11 February 2017
Greg Hunter interview…

The Three Lives Of Alan Greenspan – And Why The Third Won’t Redeem The Second
Dollar Collapse | 18 February 2017
Brilliantly, as a libertarian thinker…

Los Angeles Housing Bubble – A Bad Time to Buy a House in L.A.
ASM Air | February 2017
U.S. Naval Aviator…

Ivanka Trump Brand Soars to #1 on Amazon Best Sellers List
Brietbarg | 17 February 2017
Ivanka Brand Soars…

Wells Fargo customers avoid bank amid accounts scandal
Mercury News | 17 February 2017
Wells Fargo scandal..

Americans have $12.58 Trillion of Debt — Here’s What It Looks Like
BI | 17 February 2017
Besides mortgages…

Amazon Prime Now: Coopetition instead of competition?
Brick Meets Click | 16 February 2017
Amazon Monopolizes..

Greek Bank Run Re-accelerates: Massive Deposit Withdrawals Despite Capital Controls
ZeroHedge | 16 February 2017
Ghost of Grexit…

South Africa’s Rand Currency ‘Rigged by Banks’
BBC | 16 February 2017
17 banks named as part of…

Greenspan: We Stole Your Money; So Now You are the Problem!
Yahoo | 16 February 2017
Against entitlement…

Warren Buffett Dumps Walmart, Bets on Apple & US Airlines
RT | 15 February 2017
Amazon…market value… against Walmart…

California’s 12,209,605 Medicaid/CHIP Enrollees Outnumber Populations of 44 States
CNS | 15 February 2017

Consumer Price Index – January 2017
BLS | 15 February 2017
Since February 2013…

Aetna CEO: Obamacare in ‘Death Spiral’
Bloomberg | 15 February 2017
Obamacare Death Spiral…

IRS Deals Major Blow To Obamacare Mandate
Zero Hedge | 15 February 2017
IRS Deals Major blow…

Greece Plans to Hire Rothschild as Debt Adviser
RT | 14 February 2017
Greece hires Rothschild..

Testimony by Chair Yellen on Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress
Federal Reserve | 14 February 2017
Committee’s view that…

Apple Looks to Raise $1 Billion in Second Taiwanese Bond Sale
Apple Insider | 14 February 2017
At the option of…

Iowa Moves To Restrict Collective Bargaining For Public Sector Workers
NPR | 14 February 2017
Control both…

Christie’s Last N.J. Budget Will Include Full Scheduled Pension Payment
NJ | 14 February 2017
Ballooning pension payment…

The Difference Between “F*** You Money” and “F*** Everybody Money”
Dark Bid | 14 February 2017
F*** Y** Income Ratings..

While Elites Played Empire, America Fell Apart
Charles Hugh Smith | 14 February 2017
Keeps them in power…

Consumer Prices Surge by the most in 4 Years in January
Business Insider | 14 February 2017
Consumer Prices surge…

US Wholesale Inflation sees Biggest Monthly Gain in 4 years
Yahoo | 14 February 2017
Biggest Inflation Gain…

China Just Created A Record $540 Billion In Debt In One Month
Zero Hedge | 14 February 2017
China Creates Record Debt..

Iowa Moves To Restrict Collective Bargaining For Public Sector Workers
NPR | 14 February 2017
Risks of working in a prison…

Fake Receipts at Glencore Warehouse Unit Triggered Sector Credit Freeze
UK Reuters | 13 February 2017
‘Calm panic’…

Christie’s Last N.J. Budget Will Include Full Scheduled Pension Payment
NJ | 14 February 2017
Percent of what actuaries…

WV ‘Tremendous Turnaround Story’ for Pensions
WV Gazette Mail | 13 February 2017
90s and have…

Big State Subsidy for Pensions Spurs Concern for Georgia Lawmakers
MY AJC | 13 February 2017
less money to…Rockefeller Institute…

America’s Biggest Creditors Dump Treasuries in Warning to Trump
Bloomberg | 12 February 2017
Never before…

Pew Trust: WV ‘Tremendous Turnaround Story’ for Pensions
Charleston Gazette Mail | 13 February 2017
Tobacco, extended age…contribution…

In Major Breakthrough, Jacksonville Police, Fire Unions Reach Tentative Pension Deal
Jacksonville News | 10 February 2017

The Coyote Principle
JS Mineset | 12 February 2017
CA vs. Tx…

Witch’s Brew: Sentiment UP, Complacency Up – but Uncertainty Also UP (Not Down?)
Matasii | 11 February 2017
Witch’s Brew…

Recession Alert: Treasury Receipts Turn Negative For The First Time Since The Financial Crisis
Zero Hedge | 10 February 2017
Treasury receipts turn negative…

NY Times to Launch Finance Probe Unit Looking at Trump, White House
Fox News | 10 February 2017
Finance probe…

Divestment Report: Climate Politics Hurts Pension Fund Returns
Watchdog | 10 February 2017
Divestment does not reduce…

Turkey Plans Massive Transfer of Assets to State Wealth Fund
Bloomberg | 06 February 2017
No checks or balances…

Sovereign Wealth Fund to Take Off with Reserves
Daily Star | 02 February 2017
Scope to expand…

Biggest Wealth Fund Seen Dashing Hopes of Green Energy Activists
Bloomberg | 01 February 2017
NGO community is very keen on opening for…

UK Corporate Pensions Headache Could Worsen in 2017
UK Reuters | 01 February 2017
Widening gap between…

Lockheed Martin Retirement Plan Freeze
LM | 2014
Why Lockheed Martin is Making Changes…