Money & Markets – January 6, 2017

Money & Markets

Falco: I have been told of a certain sea snake which has a very unusual method of attracting its prey. It will lie at the bottom of the ocean as if wounded. Then its enemies will approach, and yet it will lie quite still. And then its enemies will take little bites of it, and yet it remains still.
Commodus: So, we will lie still, and let our enemies come to us and nibble.
~ Scene from The Gladiator

By Catherine Austin Fitts

While a portion of the US intelligence and enforcement community wages open warfare with the incoming administration, numerous vested interests lie still on the sea floor and wait. It would appear that a large number of us do not intend to be reasonable about giving up our debt financed government subsidy party.

It’s a new year. Only put your money in things you trust to live through the chaos. The slow burn is entering the pressure cooker.

Here are the Friday close charts – Set One, Set Two, Set Three, Set Four