Money & Markets – April 14, 2017

Money & Markets

” Needless to say, Obama is gone, Boehner is gone and the 17-month debt ceiling “holiday” that they confected in October 2015 to ride Washington through the election is gone, too. What’s arrived is vicious partisan warfare, a new President who is clueless about the urgency of the debt crisis and a bloc of 50 or so Freedom Caucus Republicans who now rule Washington.” ~ David Stockman, former director of Office of Management and Budget

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Treasury bonds rallied and the stock market slipped last week as the drums of war filled up the airwaves and Alpha males postured around the planet, proving once again that women are not the more emotional of the two sexes.

Up next in the “wall of worry” for the stock market to climb is the reality of the US budget and the debt ceiling on April 28th. Life is about to get even more interesting.

Here are the Friday charts: Set One, Set Two, Set Three, Set Four