Microsoft’s Global Criminal Compliance Handbook Leaked

U.S. Domestic Version March 2008

By Addy Dugdale

Microsoft has acted swiftly after the Web site Cryptome leaked its “Global Criminal Compliance Handbook.” The guide does exactly what it says: outlines the surveillance services the software company will perform for law enforcement agencies on its online platforms. These include its email services, such as Hotmail, MSN, Messenger, Office Live, Windows Live, and even Xbox Live. Gulp.

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An opinion from one of our more astute readers:

1. Microsoft has always been a Globalist controlled company, with Bill setup as the public face. Hence, global intelligence services have always had access to everything, and have had an instrumental hand in designing software and services to maximize effectiveness of social control mechanisms.  Same with Google, with John Doerr’s VC being the lead financier, and two punk-kids out of Stanford as the public-face. Ditto on Facebook.

2. The handbook is contrived, and it’s leak planned and setup. This was done to generate fear in the public as well as add to on-going perception that US society is losing its liberties and has become a scientific dictatorship.

3. The leak of the guide actually works to hide the extent of the co-mingling of intelligence, government and private enterprise. It’s designed to convince the reader that these institutions are actually separately controlled, but yet have opted to collaborate. When in fact, they are controlled by the same system, that designed the various public and private institutions to work together as nodes in a larger system.

4. I’d also argue that Cryptome (the web site that released the handbook) and Network Solutions are part of this stunt, as they are adding to the general fear by using the digital millennium act in an attempt to suppress the document’s release, shutting down Cryptome in response to their refusal to remove the document. This creates an atmosphere that truth will be suppressed and that one should be afraid to expose the truth.

Stunts like these help the establishment create the perception of the security state, which they actually don’t have the power to pull-off without buy-in and acquiescence from the public. So, the public must be convinced that the state-corporate alliance is all-powerful. Hence, they run these stunts of propaganda in an effort to convince the public of their power and the public’s lack of power. Same drill as the AT&T hidden room found in San Francisco that got so much publicity, including 60-Minutes coverage.

This is the simulacrum that we live in, where they hide the actual breath and depth of the system design while simultaneously convincing the public (who are merely another node in the system) that they must
acquiesce to the all-powerful public-face of this new system. Luckily, this system is not well hidden and is being exposed to the more-acutely aware in society. It’s not readily apparent yet, but I see evidence daily that the public is seeing the simulacrum for what it is. And the more the simulacrum is exposed, the more fear diminishes and the more the public realizes its real position in the power matrix, which is at the top. The good news is that we’re getting this point of realization faster than RAND Corporation’s simulations

– A Reader

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