Life – Week of 08.07.16


When the Most Awake Among Us Fall Asleep: Marc Gafni, His Supporters and Wetiko
Awaken In the Dream | 11 August 2016
Unconscious willingness…

The Cult of Transgender
American Conservative | 10 August 2016
Among professors now such fear of…

E:60 Simone Biles – Rio Olympics
YouTube | 09 August 2016
Called the Michael Jordan of…

Solari’s latest Crowdfund
Karina Vetrano Memorial Reward Fund
Go Fund Me | 09 August 2016
Please help us bring…

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Apprenticeships
Market Watch | 09 August 2016
Not know about apprenticeships…

Inside Elvis Presley’s Legendary Man-Cave Studio
Rolling Stone | 08 August 2016
Shot out his own…

A Blind Man and His Armless Friend Plant a Forest in China

YouTube | 23 June 2016
Real difference…

It’s Becoming Easy For Single Men To “Drop Out” And Live On Minimum Wage
Return of Kings | 26 April 2016
Happily with an income near…

Penn and Teller 7 Principles of Magic

YouTube | 02 December 2016
Palm, simulation, steal, ditch, misdirection, steal, simulation…