Life – Week of 02.05.17

What is Liberty? What is a Mind?
Jon Rappoport | 10 February 2017
Plugging in arbitrary…

Cambridge Student Burns £20 Note in Front of Homeless Man, Expelled from Tory Society
RT | 10 February 2017
Served as communications…

Be Humbled by this Stunning New Image of Uluru as Seen from Space
Mashable| 08 February 2017
French astronaut and…

In a Rare Zoo Escape, Sunny the Red Panda Is Still at Large
NY Times | 08 February 2017
Pantheon of legendary…

Hans Rosling: World Famous Statistician Dies at 68
Independent | 07 February 2017
Known for…

The Number-one Mind-control Program at US Colleges
Jon Rappoport | 07 February 2017
In plain sight…

Was Buffalo Mom Jailed Over Homeschooling Decision?
WKBW | 08 February 2017
Full custody…

Art ‘Museum From Hell’ Opened Up UNDER The Atlantic, and You Won’t Believe What’s There
Christian Truther | 06 February 2017
Contains 207 life size

Dan Olmstead, Age of Autism Editor, Dies at 64
Age of Autism | 06 February 2017
Helped Gannett start up…

New Yorkers Work Together to Erase Nazi Graffiti on Subway
CS Monitor | 05 February 2017

Queen Steps Down as Patron of Children’s Charities
BBC | 20 December 2016
Passed on to…

The Plowden Report (1967) Children and their Primary Schools)
Education England | 05 February 2017
Report of the Central Advisory Council for Education (England)…

The Plowden Report: A Critique
Still an important document…