Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of June 27, 2022: Tucker Carlson Interview with Alfie Oakes on Food Inflation

Tucker Carlson Interviews Alfie Oakes on Food Inflation

Tucker Carlson Interviews Alfie Oakes on Food Inflation

“When they looked at the [genetically modified flour], they couldn’t believe that the DNA profile was 20 times bigger than our own human DNA….” ~ Alfie Oakes

On the topic of food and food security, for Let’s Go to the Movies we suggest you watch this incredible interview of Tucker Carlson and Alfie Oakes discussing food inflation. This is a serious discussion in which farmer and food retailer Oakes depicts the looming food shortages and skyrocketing prices in the American and international food economies.

Oakes is owner of the Seed to Table Market in Naples, Florida and has spent his life farming fresh local food for his own grocery store.

In addition to providing background on Mr. Oakes’ fascinating entrepreneurial skills, the interview is both a warning as well as a guide on what we need to do to prepare for the potentially higher cost of food. It also provides eye-opening insights into how much market share the state of Florida and the United States in general have lost due to the increase in farm costs, as well as the intricate connections between narcotics cartels and Mexican farm products being trucked across the border.

Who would have thought that a 58-minute conversation about food could be so spellbinding and educational?


Tucker Carlson’s website

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Video on Bitchute (in case of Youtube censorship)