Keep Calm and Do the Math


By Catherine Austin Fitts

It’s time to take a deep breath and listen to the American people.

Our concerns have been smothered over by the media “shriek-o-meter” and government promises like thick gravy poured on an entrée that no one wants to really taste. All the mathematical systems we use to communicate — from market prices to voting booths to official statistics — are manipulated. So we are escalating our cries.

Let’s pierce through the passion and diversity of opinions and look at the fundamental mathematics of government budgets and economics (what I refer to as, “how the money works”) to “grok” the deeper message:

  • Our time and health is increasingly wasted: Labor productivity has been rising until recently. However, productivity outside of work has been falling. The reasons are endless: Overly complex government systems and rules and regulations. Financial fraud, bailouts and financial coup d’etat. Debasement of the food systems, the environment and the currency. Surveillance capitalism.  If I go to work and am efficient at generating corporate profits, and then come home and lose hours to poor transportation infrastructure, identify theft, illness resulting from GMO food and global spraying, and predatory and invasive government regulation and corporate practices, how is productivity increased?
  • Growth in labor productivity has not been shared: As labor productivity has grown since 1970, hourly compensation has flat lined. The economic benefits have gone to investors or been skimmed out through the back door.
  • Inequality has grown primarily as a result of rigging voting booth, markets and government budgets and enforcement, including with covert operations. The average person is too busy to understand the details. However, we have observed enough about trillions of dollars missing from the US government, the rich contracts related to foreign wars and $27 trillion of bailouts to have complete confidence that our existing government and financial institutions are without concern for the law or fundamental economics.
  • For those of us who follow what is happening globally we are appalled at what we see. As Richard Dolan explained recently, the United States has become “Shiva” – the destroyer of worlds.
  • There is a stink emitting from current events. Strange deaths that result in a changing Supreme Court composition. CDC proposals for sweeping police state powers in the face of manufactured epidemics. False flags and fake mass shootings.
  • To quote The Economist, America’s aristocracy is calcifying. Decades of government bailouts and quantitative easing has produced a leadership class that got rich and happy inflicting their unipolar vision on the world, but can not cooperate and compete effectively in a multi-polar world. Our enemies don’t fear us and our allies don’t respect us. The general population smells failure in the air.

The voting population has had it. After decades of voting for candidates who promised change, they are indeed prepared to vote for candidates who will blow the system up. If a system has a negative return on investment, why make it more efficient? Why not, instead, do whatever you can to ensure it fails?

To deal with the groundswell of frustration, the centralizers of political power have turned the manufacture and distribution of disinformation into one of the largest industries on the planet.  Divide and conquer politics is one of the principal tactics, designed to make sure the various constituencies will not unite against the small centralized group that is harvesting them all.

What is remarkable is that the perpetrators of these divide and conquer hatreds and myths have now fallen prey to their own fictions.

Hillary Clinton’s now famous words referring to approximately 25% of the American people as deplorable were surprising, even to me. How could a candidate for President with decades of experience in national politics make such a gaffe? Worse yet, how could someone who has engaged in multiple, documented felonies, not to mention leading the destruction and collapse of Libya and Haiti, among other places destroyed by disaster capitalism, refer to half of Trump’s supporters as “deplorable?”

Apparently, opinions among the working poor considered unfashionable among the multicultural rich are far worse than breaking the law or slaughtering millions of people.   My vote is that Clinton be indicted for one of her many felonies and sentenced to five years working as a cleaning lady at a Super 8 motel in Mena, Arkansas, or better yet the equivalent in Benghazi.  Then lets see what she has to say about who’s “deplorable” after a serious stint at earning an honest living.

But hold on to your pants. Clinton’s gaffe of last weekend was topped this week by Alan Greenspan who is actively competing for the title of top evildoer of the American financial establishment. After actively leading the financial coup d’etat, including many trillions missing from US government accounts, the pump and dump of the stock market, the housing bubble and government and mortgage securities fraud that produced $27 trillion in bailouts, Greenspan has announced that crazies are undermining the U.S. system. This was after announcing that productivity growth threatened our ability to meet our retirement obligations, the implication being that his $40 trillion financial coup d’etat was not a problem. You and I could spend a lifetime searching Greenspan’s heart and mind at a subatomic particle level and never find a hint of personal responsibility or shame.

While it has always been obvious that Clinton and Greenspan assume that we can’t do the math on what is happening, it is becoming increasingly apparent that rigged market prices, phony government statistics and hacked voting rolls have lulled them in to also loosing their grip on reality.

If you and I can see this, so the entire world can also see this. Time to do the math on how the members of the G-20 can make money exploiting our collective insanity – because that is what is coming.