Interview with Operation Freedom – September 23, 2018

Dr Dave Janda of WAM 1600 interview with Catherine Austin Fitts

Every Sunday from 2–5PM ET, WAAM Radio turns on the bright lights and fires up its own operating room. Dr. Dave Janda, an orthopedic surgeon and health care policy analyst, hosts a three hour “dissection” of current events that are impacting every person, family and business in our community and country.

Dr. Janda brings to the operating table information the mainstream media either ignores or is afraid to bring to light. Every week, Dave will bring featured guests to WAAM’s Operating Room that have a background in health care, economics, finance, and geo-politics discussing current events. When the listener “leaves the operating room,” they are better off and on the road to a better life.

Listen to the Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts.